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Cat No. Product Name Synonyms Targets
T1772 MDK83190 Apoptosis Activator 2 Apoptosis , Caspase
MDK83190 (Apoptosis Activator 2) is a potent apoptosis activator, induceing caspase-3 activation, PARP cleavage, and DNA fragmentation .
T3293 Apoptozole Apoptosis Activator VII Apoptosis , HSP
Apoptozole (Apoptosis Activator VII) is an inhibitor of the ATPase domain of Hsc70 and Hsp70, and can induce apoptosis.
T30102 Apoptosis inducer 5d
Apoptosis inducer 5D is a new type of inducer that induces cell death by activating the apoptosis of cancer cells.
T63232 Apoptosis inducer 6
Apoptosis inducer 6 is an anticancer agent with broad-spectrum anticancer activity that induces apoptosis, which triggers cell death.
T74787 Apoptosis inducer 12
Apoptosis Inducer 12 (Compound 3z) is a compound that promotes cell death via the mitochondrial pathway and is utilized in cancer research [1].
T72509 Apoptosis inducer 5
Apoptosis Inducer 5, a lignan enantiomer extracted from Crataegus pinnatifida, demonstrates cytotoxic properties through inducing apoptosis and autophagy in Hep3B cells.
T78686 Apoptosis inducer 11 Apoptosis
Apoptosis Inducer 11 (compound 3u) promotes apoptosis via the mitochondrial pathway and elicits a G2/M block alongside a marked reduction in the S phase within non-Hodgkin lymphoma cell lines [1].
T79252 Apoptosis inducer 13 Reactive Oxygen Species
Apoptosis Inducer 13 (Compound Ru4) promotes apoptosis in cancer cells while also suppressing their migration and invasion. Additionally, it facilitates the conversion of coenzyme NADH to NAD+, and elevates intracellular...
T62399 Apoptosis inducer 10
Apoptosis inducer 10 is a potent apoptosis inducer with anti-proliferative activity. apoptosis inducer 10 induces apoptosis in HeLa cancer cells using a mitochondria-dependent endogenous pathway.
T74490 Apoptosis inducer 3
Apoptosis Inducer 3 (Compound 3), a selective apoptosis triggering agent, induces both apoptosis and late-apoptosis phases, demonstrating cytotoxic effects against cancer cells [1].
T74493 Apoptosis inducer 4
Apoptosis Inducer 4 (Compound 12b) is a compound that induces apoptosis and exhibits anticancer properties [1].
T63485 Apoptosis inducer 8
Apoptosis inducer 8 is a galectin-1 (gal-1)-mediated apoptosis inducer and a PET imaging agent that significantly reduces gal-1 protein levels and can be used in major lung cancer studies worldwide.
T4371 CD437 AHPN,O-Desmethyl Adapalene,Apoptosis Activator VI Retinoid Receptor , Autophagy
CD437 (AHPN) is a specifc Retinoic Acid Receptor γ (RARγ) agonist.
T23189 Prostate apoptosis response protein PAR-4 (2-7) [Homo sapiens] Others
Prostate apoptosis response protein PAR-4 (2-7) [Homo sapiens] is a peptide with the sequence H2N-Ala-Thr-Gly-Gly-Tyr-Arg-OH, MW= 623.66.
T16754 RIPGBM Apoptosis
RIPGBM is a selective inducer of apoptosis in glioblastoma multiforme cancer stem cells (EC50: ≤500 nM).
T5776 Pimpinellin Apoptosis , Anti-infection
Pimpinellin is a natural product that acts as antagonist of proteins with GABA receptor activity.
T6S1652 Benzoylpaeoniflorin COX
1. Benzoylpaeoniflorin is active against cyclooxygenase-1 and cyclooxygenase-2 enzymes.
TN1065 Hirsutine Apoptosis
Hirsutine induces apoptosis and is a potent Dengue virus inhibitor exhibiting low cytotoxicity.Hirsutine has anticancer, cardioprotective, anti-hypertensive and anti-arrhythmic activities, it also has vasodilatation acti...
T3390 Obacunone Apoptosis , Aromatase , p38 MAPK
Obacunone has cytotoxicity in androgen-dependent human prostate Y cells. Obacunone exerts an antivirulence effect on S. Typhimurium and may serve as a lead compound for development of antivirulence strategies for S. Typh...
T3445 Importazole Apoptosis , Others
Importazole is an inhibitor of the nuclear transport receptor importin-β.
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