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(Literature published using targetmol products)
Citation | TargetMol
Nature Volume 598; 688–692.
Structures of full-length glycoprotein hormone receptor signalling complexes
Citation | TargetMol
Nature Volume 582; 289–293.
Structure of Mpro from COVID-19 virus and discovery of its inhibitors
Citation | TargetMol
Nature Volume 569; 509–513.
Time-resolved protein activation by proximal decaging in living systems
Citation | TargetMol
Nature Volume 572; 528–532.
Molecular architecture of lineage allocation and tissue organization in early mouse embryo
Citation | TargetMol
Cell. Volume 184 (4); 931-942.e18
Structural insights into the human D1 and D2 dopamine receptor signaling complexes
Citation | TargetMol
Nat Biotechnol 39, 1444–1452 (2021)
Prediction of drug efficacy from transcriptional profiles with deep learning
Citation | TargetMol
Immunity. Volume 54; 2169-2436
Inhibition of viral suppressor of RNAi proteins by designer peptides protects from enteroviral infection in vivo
Citation | TargetMol
Cancer Cell. Volume 39 (4); 443-580
MDMX acts as a pervasive preleukemic-to-acute myeloid leukemia transition mechanism
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