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Natural Products

A natural product is a chemical compound or substance produced by a living organism—that is, found in nature. In Biochemistry, they are mainly flavonoids, alkaloids, polysaccharides, volatile oils, quinones, terpenoids, lignans, coumarins, saponins, cardiac glycosides, phenolic acids and amino acids and enzymes, etc. In the broadest sense, natural products include any substance produced by life. Apart from extraction, like those prepared in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), natural products can also be prepared by chemical synthesis (both semisynthesis and total synthesis) and have played a central role in the development of the field of organic chemistry by providing challenging synthetic targets. Naturally occurring compounds have been used medicinally for centuries and continue to be a rich source of novel therapeutics, including antibiotics and cancer drugs. It has long been recognized that natural-product structures have the characteristics of high chemical diversity, biochemical specificity and other molecular properties that make them favourable as lead structures for drug discovery, and which serve to differentiate them from libraries of synthetic and combinatorial compounds. Targetmol is proud for its expertise in natural product selection, separation, extraction and purification. In addition, we have a strict quality control system, using HNMR, HPLC, GC and other means to ensure the structural accuracy and high purity of the natural product.

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  Balanophoraceae   Plumbaginaceae   Rutaceae   Alismataceae   Dipterocarpaceae   Gesneriaceae   Thymelaeaceae   Ranunculaceae   Violaceae   Sterculiaceae   Myrtaceae   Bromeliaceae   Actinidiaceae   Eucommiaceae   Rosaceae   Betulaceae   Chloranthaceae   Fagaceae   Hippocastanaceae   Passifloraceae   Nothofagaceae   Portulacaceae   Adiantaceae   Lamiaceae   Colchicaceae   Oleaceae   Resedaceae   Pontederiaceae   Typhaceae   Clusiaceae   Aceraceae   Usneaceae   Dennstaedtiaceae   Juncaceae   Taxodiaceae   Tiliaceae   Zingiberaceae   Dryopteridaceae   Santalaceae   Parmeliaceae   Rubiaceae   Dioscoreaceae   Gentianaceae   Lycopodiaceae   Rhamnaceae   Valerianaceae   Costaceae   Nyctaginaceae   Loranthaceae   Vitaceae   Moraceae   Salicaceae   Alariaceae   Asteraceae   Caryophyllaceae   Lardizabalaceae   Tropaeolaceae   Cupressaceae   Platanaceae   Verbenaceae   Stemonaceae   Paeoniaceae   Bignoniaceae   Saxifragaceae   Ulmaceae   Aristolochiaceae   Pedaliaceae   Cyperaceae   Cornaceae   Polygalaceae   Nyssaceae   Pentaphylacaceae   Asparagaceae   Dichapetalaceae   Euphorbiaceae   Meliaceae   Equisetaceae   Myricaceae   Myrsinaceae   Pinaceae   Selaginellaceae   Olacaceae   Laminariaceae   Solanaceae   Convolvulaceae   Philydraceae   Asphodelaceae   Melastomataceae   Boraginaceae   Coriariaceae   Nelumbonaceae   Elaeagnaceae   Geraniaceae   Apocynaceae   Sinopteridaceae   Araceae   Fabaceae   Polyporaceae   Araliaceae   Phyllanthaceae   Viscaceae   Athyriaceae   Zygophyllaceae   Flacourtiaceae   Iridaceae   Rhizophoraceae   Podocarpaceae   Burseraceae   Scrophulariaceae   Chloranthaceae   Lepidoziaceae   Ginkgoaceae   Cephalotaxaceae   Linaceae   Hemionitidaceae   Toricelliaceae   Chenopodiaceae   Dicksoniaceae   Cannabaceae   Pandanaceae   Simaroubaceae   Annonaceae   Erythroxylaceae   Moringaceae   Sapindaceae   Aquifoliaceae   Resedaceae   Papaveraceae   Pteridiaceae   Amaryllidaceae   Acanthaceae   Taccaceae   Poaceae   Amaranthaceae   Calycanthaceae   Loganiaceae   Ebenaceae   Illiciaceae   Brassicaceae   Tamaricaceae   Balsaminaceae   Staphyleaceae   Lecythidaceae   Winteraceae   Blechnaceae   Ericaceae   Dipsacaceae   Magnoliaceae   Alangiaceae   Polygonaceae   Pteridaceae   Icacinaceae   Crassulaceae   Piperaceae   Gleicheniaceae   Combretaceae   Cucurbitaceae   Lauraceae   Plantaginaceae   Urticaceae   Apiaceae   Berberidaceae   Menispermaceae   Caricaceae   Celastraceae   Eupteleaceae   Orchidaceae   Arecaceae   Proteaceae   Theaceae   Buxaceae   Taxaceae   Styracaceae   Ephedraceae   Malvaceae

Natural Product Libraries

Natural products are an unsurpassed source of chemical diversity and an ideal starting point for any screening program for pharmacologically active small molecules. Historically, natural products have been the most successful source of new drugs. Natural Product Libraries is a powerful tool for cell induction research and the drug screening focused on unique natural structures along with new bioactivity.