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T12287 Octadecanedioic acid Endogenous Metabolite
Octadecanedioic acid is an endogenous metabolite, is a long-chain dicarboxylic acid.
Fr13756 Isonicotinic acid Endogenous Metabolite , Drug Metabolite
Isonicotinic acid is a metabolite of Isoniazid.Isonicotinic acid is a useful isomer of nicotinic acid. Isoniazid is converted to Isonicotinic acid by hydrazinolysis, with the biotransformation also to be catalyzed by cyt...
T13719 Hexadecanal Palmitaldehyde Endogenous Metabolite
Hexadecanal (Palmitaldehyde) is a free fatty aldehyde present in animals.
TN1490 Chrysoeriol ERK , p38 MAPK , Akt
Chrysoeriol has antioxidant, antiinflammatory, antitumor, antimicrobial, antiviral, and free radical scavenging activities, it also shows selective bronchodilator effect.
T15720 Lathosterol Endogenous Metabolite
Lathosterol, a molecule akin to cholesterol, serves as a biomarker for the body's total cholesterol synthesis, as indicated by its serum concentration.
T4799 Indole Others , Endogenous Metabolite
Indole has a bicyclic structure, consisting of a six-membered benzene ring fused to a five-membered nitrogen-containing pyrrole ring. It can be produced by bacteria as a degradation product of the amino acid tryptophan. ...
T8165 Erythrodiol Endogenous Metabolite , ABC
Erythrodiol, an olive oil component, promotes Cholesterol efflux (ChE) by selectively inhibiting the degradation of ABCA1 protein.
T20446 Creosol Endogenous Metabolite
Creosol is an agent of Antioxidant and Antibacterial.
T0069 Uracil Others , Endogenous Metabolite
Uracil is a common naturally occurring pyrimidine found in RNA, it base pairs with adenine and is replaced by thymine in DNA. Methylation of uracil produces thymine. Uracil's use in the body is to help carry out the synt...
T13539 Allopurinol riboside Others , Endogenous Metabolite , Parasite , Drug Metabolite
Allopurinol riboside is a metabolite of allopurinol with potency against parasites. Allopurinol riboside competitively inhibits the action of purine nucleoside phosphorylase on inosine with a Ki of 277 μM.
T5848 Biocytin Endogenous Metabolite
Biocytin is a classical neuroanatomical tracer commonly used to map brain connectivity. Biocytin is a conjugate of D-biotin and L-lysine, where the carboxylate of D-biotin is coupled with the ϵ-amine of L-lysine via a se...
T5665 Geraniol Others , Endogenous Metabolite , Antifungal
geraniol provides a potent protective effect against cardiac dysfunction induced by diabetes. This ameliorative effect could be attributed to its suppression of oxidative stress.
T10815 Cinnamoylglycine Endogenous Metabolite
Cinnamoylglycine is a glycine conjugate of cinnamic acid and a urinary metabolite in humans. It is used as a potential urinary biomarker.
T0586 Lactose Others , Endogenous Metabolite
Lactose is a disaccharide derived from galactose and glucose that is found in milk.
T0647 Tryptamine Dehydrogenase , 5-HT Receptor , Endogenous Metabolite , TRP/TRPV Channel
Tryptamine is a monoamine alkaloid found in animals, plants, and fungi. It contains an indole ring structure and is structurally analogous to the tryptophan. It is found in trace amounts in the brains of mammals and is r...
T8272 Trierucin Others , Endogenous Metabolite
Trierucin is a trierucic acid triglyceride isolated from the seed oil.
T36790 (Ethoxymethyl)benzene Endogenous Metabolite
(Ethoxymethyl)benzene is an endogenous metabolite.
T37501 Ethoxyacetic acid Endogenous Metabolite
Ethoxyacetic acid is an endogenous metabolite of ethylene glycol monoethyl ether acetate.
T4809 Pyrimidine Metadiazine Others , Endogenous Metabolite
Pyrimidine (Metadiazine)s are heterocyclic, six-membered, nitrogen-containing carbon ring structures, with uracil, cytosine and thymine being the basal structures of ribose-containing nucleosides (uridine, cytidine, and ...
T8031 Terephthalic acid Others , Endogenous Metabolite
Terephthalic acid, an isomer of the three phthalic acids, serves as a precursor to the polyester PET, which is utilized in manufacturing plastic bottles and clothing.
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