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Cat No. Product Name Synonyms Targets
T35407 Ζ-Stat PKC
ζ-Stat (NSC37044), a specific and atypical inhibitor of PKC-ζ with an IC50 of 5 μM, demonstrates the ability to inhibit proliferation and induce apoptosis in melanoma cell lines, exhibiting antitumor activity in vitro[1]...
T40395 ζ-Stat trisodium NSC37044 trisodium,ζ-Stat trisodium
ζ-Stat trisodium (NSC37044 trisodium) is a potent and selective inhibitor of protein kinase C-ζ (PKC-ζ), exhibiting an IC50 of 5 μM. It effectively suppresses the proliferation of melanoma cell lines and promotes apoptos...
JAK-STAT-IN-1 is a specific JAK-STAT inhibitor indicated for the study of autoimmune diseases.
T13009 STAT3-IN-1 Apoptosis , STAT
STAT3-IN-1 selective and orally active inhibitor of STAT3(in HT29 and MDA-MB 231 cells, with IC50 values of 1.82 μM and 2.14 μM , respectively), induces tumor apoptosis.
T4216 STAT5-IN-1 STAT5 Inhibitor STAT
STAT5-IN-1 (STAT5 Inhibitor) is a cell-permeable inhibitor which suppresses Stat5 via binding to the SH2 domain.
TN2346 Mogrol ERK , AMPK , STAT
Mogrol, a biometabolite of mogrosides, functions by inhibiting the ERK1/2 and STAT3 pathways, diminishing CREB activation, and activating AMPK signaling.
T16940 STAT5-IN-2 Apoptosis , STAT
STAT5-IN-2 is an inhibitor of STAT5 with antileukemic effects (EC50s: 9 μM and 5 μM in K562 and KU812 cells, respectively).
T6669 SH-4-54 STAT
SH-4-54 is a most potent, small molecule, nonphosphorylated STAT3 inhibitor.
T3708 BP-1-102 STAT
BP-1-102 is an orally active, effective and specific STAT3 inhibitor. BP-1-102 binds Stat3 (Kd: 504 nM), then blocks Stat3-phosphotyrosine (pTyr) peptide interactions and Stat3 activation (4-6.8 μM), and selectively inhi...
T4672 Brevilin A Apoptosis , Anti-infection , JAK , STAT , Autophagy
Brevilin A is a sesquiterpene lactone isolated from Centipeda minima, inhibits janus kinase activity and blocks STAT3 signaling in cancer cells with anti-tumor activity. Brevilin A is a selective inhibitor of JAK-STAT si...
T4476 AS1517499 STAT
AS1517499 is a potent STAT6 inhibitor with IC50 of 21 nM
T2867 Diosgenin Nitogenin STAT
Diosgenin (Nitogenin) is a spirostan found in DIOSCOREA and other plants. It has favorable effects in the improvement of diabetes and regulation of lipid metabolism.
T15582 InS3-54A18 STAT
inS3-54A18 is an effective inhibitor of STAT3. inS3-54A18 has anticancer effects.
TQ0052 SH5-07 STAT
SH5-07 is a hydroxamic acid-based Stat3 inhibitor (IC50: 3.9 μM).
T6S0071 Fraxinellone HIF/HIF Prolyl-Hydroxylase , STAT , PD-1/PD-L1
1. Fraxinellone significantly reduced weight loss and diarrhea in mice and alleviated the macroscopic and microscopic signs of the disease. 2. Fraxinellone exhibited a variety of insecticidal activities including feeding...
T2505 S3I-201 S3I 201,S3I201 STAT
S3I-201 (S3I-201) is a selective Stat3 inhibitor (IC50: 86±33 μM) and low effect towards STAT1/5.
T2168 2-(1,8-naphthyridin-2-yl)phenol STAT
2-NP is a STAT1 enhancer.
T6838 FLLL32 Apoptosis , JAK , STAT
FLLL32 is an effective JAK2/STAT3 inhibitor (IC50 of <5 μM).
T9339 Stafia-1 STAT
Stafia-1 is a potent STAT5a inhibitor ( IC50=22.2 μM). Stafia-1 displays high selectivity over STAT5b and other STAT family members.
T3218 Napabucasin BBI608 STAT
Napabucasin (BBI608) is an orally available Stat3 and Y cell stemness inhibitor.
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