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Cat No. Product Name Synonyms Targets
T5168 EGFR-IN-12 EGFR Inhibitor Apoptosis , EGFR
EGFR-IN-12 (EGFR Inhibitor) is a cell permeable and selective inhibitor of EGFR kinase (IC50: 21 nM) and blocks receptor autophosphorylation in cells.
T21954 EGFR/ErbB-2/ErbB-4 inhibitor-2 EGFR/ErbB2 Inhibitor EGFR
EGFR/ErbB-2/ErbB-4 inhibitor-2 (EGFR/ErbB2 Inhibitor) is a cell-permeable inhibitor of EGFR and c-ErbB2 (IC50s = 20 and 79 nM, respectively)
T2705 Mutant EGFR inhibitor EGFR
Mutant EGFR inhibitor is a selective and potent Mutated EGFR inhibitor, inhibits L858R activating mutant, the Exonl9 deletion activating mutant and the T790M resistance mutant.
EGFR-IN-9 is a potent EGFR kinase inhibitor with IC50s of 7 nM, 28 nM for the wild type EGFR kinase and double mutant EGFR kinase (L858R/T790M). EGFR-IN-9 has antitumor activity.
T11158 EGFR-IN-11 EGFR
EGFR-IN-11 is a selective inhibitor of EGFR-tyrosine kinase and induces cell apoptosis. EGFR-IN-11 inhibits triple mutant EGFRL858R/T790M/C797S with an IC50 of 18 nM and arrests cell cycle at G0/G1.
CHMFL-EGFR-202 is a potent, irreversible inhibitor of EGFR mutant kinase (IC50s: 5.3 nM and 8.3 nM for drug-resistant mutant EGFR T790M and WT EGFR kinases).
T11162 EGFR-IN-8 EGFR , c-Met/HGFR
EGFR-IN-8, a dual inhibitor targeting both EGFR and c-Met, shows potential as a promising candidate for further development in treating EGFR TKI-resistant NSCLC.
EGFR-IN-5 is a selective inhibitor of EGFR. The IC50s for EGFR, EGFR(L858R), EGFR(L858R/T790M), and EGFR(L858R/T790M/C797S) are 10.4, 1.1, 34, 7.2 nM, respectively.
T11157L EGFR-IN-1 hydrochloride EGFR
EGFR-IN-1 hydrochloride is an irreversible and specific inhibitor of L858R/T790M mutant EGFR with 100-fold selectivity over wild-type EGFR. EGFR-IN-1 hydrochloride exhibits potent antitumor and antiproliferative activity...
T11161 EGFR-IN-7 TQB3804 EGFR
EGFR-IN-7 (TQB3804) is a selective and potent EGFR kinase inhibitor.
T16162 Mutated EGFR-IN-1 Osimertinib analog EGFR
Mutated EGFR-IN-1 (Osimertinib analog) is a useful intermediate for the inhibitors design for mutated EGFR, such as L858R EGFR, Exonl9 deletion activating mutant, and T790M resistance mutant.
T79888 EGFR-IN-87 Tyrosine Kinases
EGFR-IN-87 is a potent EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor with anticancer activity that inhibits EGFR_d746-750, EGFR_L858R/T790M, and EGFR_WT in A431 cells, and can be used for cancer research.
T35901 EGFR-IN-99 JBJ-03-142-02 EGFR , HER
EGFR-IN-99 (JBJ-03-142-02) is an EGFR and HER2 Exon 20 insertion mutation inhibitor with antiproliferative activity for the study of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).
T63732 EGFR-IN-3 Apoptosis , EGFR
EGFR-IN-3 is an EGFR inhibitor with potential antitumour activity.EGFR-IN-3 inhibits EGFRwt-TK and induces apoptosis (cell death), which can cause cells to block in the G2/M phase.
T75120 EGFR-IN-76 EGFR
EGFR-IN-76 is a potent EGFR inhibitor.
T79861 EGFR/ErbB-2 inhibitor-1 EGFR
EGFR/ErbB-2 inhibitor-1 is a selective ErbB2/HER2 inhibitor that effectively blocks ErbB2 and HER2 signaling.
TP1613 [pTyr5] EGFR (988-993) [pTyr5] EGFR 988-993
[pTyr5] EGFR (988-993) is a compound obtained from the auto-phosphorylation site, Tyr992, located within the sequence of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR 988-993). This compound is frequently found bound with t...
T9905 Cetuximab Cetuximab (anti-EGFR),C225 EGFR
Cetuximab (C225) is a monoclonal antibody that is an inhibitor of human epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) (Kd=0.201 nM). Cetuximab has antitumor activity, inhibiting tumor cell proliferation and inducing apoptosis.
T40209 EGFR-IN-15 Others
EGFR-IN-15 (compound I-005) is a potent EGFR inhibitor, exhibiting an IC50 value of 4 nM. This compound holds potential for oncological research applications.
TQ0255 Olafertinib CK-101,EGFR-IN-3,RX-518 EGFR
Olafertinib (RX-518) is a novel mutant-selective, irreversible, orally available EGFR inhibitor. It can overcome T790M-mediated resistance in NSCLC.
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