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T1501 Rifabutin Rifabutin inhibits bacterial DNA-dependent RNA polymerase, thereby suppressing the initiation of RNA formation and leading to inhibition of RNA synthesis and tr...
T1989 Luminespib AUY922 (NVP-AUY922) is a new-type inhibitor of HSP90 (IC50s: 7.8/21 nM for HSP90α/β in cell free assay).
T2114 NVP-BEP800 NVP-BEP800, a synthetic HSP90β inhibitor (IC50: 58 nM), exhibits >70-fold selectivity against Hsp90 family members Trap-1 and Grp94.
T2179 Triptolide Triptolide is a diterpenes trioxide, immunosuppressive agent extracted from the Chinese herb Tripterygium wilfordii.
T2258 VER-50589 VER-50589 is a potent HSP90 inhibitor.
T2268 VER-49009 VER-49009 is an effective HSP90 inhibitor(IC50 =25 nM,Kd=78 nM).
T2286 BIIB-021 BIIB021 is an orally-available, fully synthetic inhibitor of HSP90(Ki=1.7nM,EC50=38nM).
T2309 Ganetespib Ganetespib is a synthetic small-molecule inhibitor of heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) with potential antineoplastic activity.
T2444 KNK437 KNK437, a pan-HSP inhibitor, suppresses the synthesis of inducible HSPs(HSP105, HSP72, and HSP40).
T3293 Apoptozole Apoptozole is an inhibitor of the ATPase domain of Hsc70 and Hsp70,and can induce apoptosis.
T3527 TRC 051384 Inducer of heat shock protein Hsp70; reduces stroke-associated neuronal injury and increases survival in a rat model of transient ischemic stroke. Activates hea...
T3594 ML346 ML346 is a novel activator of Hsp70.
T6118 HSP990 NVP-HSP990 (HSP990) is an effective and specific HSP90α/β inhibitor (IC50: 0.6 /0.8 nM).
T6170 Elesclomol Elesclomol (STA-4783) is an effective oxidative stress inducer that elicits pro-apoptosis of tumor cells.
T6248 XL888 XL888 is an ATP-competitive inhibitor of Hsp90 ( IC50: 24 nM). Heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) is a chaperone that maintains the functionality of client proteins ...
T6284 Onalespib Onalespib is a synthetic, orally bioavailable, small-molecule inhibitor of heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) with potential antineoplastic activity. Onalespib selec...
T6290 Tanespimycin Tanespimycin (17-AAG) is an inhibitor of Hsp90 that selectively inhibits BT474 tumor cell Hsp90 (IC50: 5 nM).
T6305 SNX-2112 SNX-2112 is an orally active Hsp90 inhibitor, with a Kd of 16 nM.
T6341 PF-04929113 SNX-5422 is a synthetic, novel, small molecule Hsp90 Inhibitor. As an oral formulation that demonstrates strong efficacy and tolerability, SNX-5422 is positione...
T6343 Geldanamycin Geldanamycin, an HSP90 inhibitor (Kd: 1.2 μM), specifically disrupts glucocorticoid receptor (GR)/HSP association.
T6558 KW-2478 KW-2478 is a non-ansamycin HSP90 inhibitor with IC50 of 3.8 nM.
T6855 HA15 HA15 targets specifically BiP/GRP78/HSPA5. HA15 exhibits anti-cancerous activity on all melanoma cells tested, including cells isolated from patients and cells ...
T7010 VER155008 VER-155008 is a potent Hsp70 family inhibitor with IC50 of 0.5 μM, 2.6 μM, and 2.6 μM in cell-free assays for HSP70, HSC70, and GRP78, respectively, >100-fol...
T4125 HSF1A HSF1A is a cell-permeable activator of HSF1 that protects mammalian cells against stress-induced apoptosis.
T4342 PF-04929113 Mesylate PF-04929113 Mesylate, a prodrug of SNX-2112, is an orally available Hsp90 inhibitor (Kd: 41 nM) and also induces Her-2 degradation (IC50: 37 nM).
T5008 Teprenone Teprenone is a anti-ulcer drug, and works as an inducer of heat shock proteins (HSPs).
T5152 MKT-077 MKT-077 is a cationic rhodacyanine dye that demonstrates antiproliferative activity against cancer cell lines (EC50s: 1.4-2.2 μM in vitro) through its ability ...
T5350 JG-98 JG-98 is an allosteric Hsp70 inhibitor, displays high active against the breast cancer cell lines MDA-MB-231 and MCF-7 (EC50s: 0.4/0.7 μM).
T7265 HSP27 inhibitor J2 HSP27 inhibitor J2 (J2) is a HSP27 inhibitor, inhibits a production of HSP27 giant polymers, thereby having an effect of inhibiting a chaperone function of the...
T5826 Eupalinolide B Eupalinolide B is a natural product ,and demonstrates potent cytotoxicity against A-549, BGC-823, SMMC-7721, and HL-60 tumour cell lines.
TQ0280 Feretoside Feretoside is a natural product extracted from the barks of E. ulmoides. It is an HSP inducer.
T3487 HSP70-IN-1 HSP70-IN-1 is a heat shock protein (HSP) inhibitor and inhibits the growth of Kasumi-1 cells (IC50: 2.3 μM).
T8189 Dihydroberberine Dihydroberberine has anti-atherosclerotic, anti-inflammatory, hypolipidemic and antitumor activities. It inhibits human ether-a-go-go-related gene (hERG) channe...
TN1901 (-)-Maackiain (-)-Maackiain, a phytoalexin, which is an anti-allergic compound that suppresses the up-regulation of the histamine H1 receptor (H1R) gene.
TN2360 Falcarinol,Panaxynol Falcarinol (Panaxynol) is a natural, orally active Hsp90 inhibitor targeting both the N-terminal and C-terminal of Hsp90 with limited toxicities. Falcarinol (Pa...
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