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Cat No. Product Name Synonyms Targets
T22418 S-99 Others
S-99 is a high purity chemical that targets ASK and is important for Immunology, Inflammation, Cancer research.
T22115 SM-7368 NF-κB
The NF-κB Activation Inhibitor III, controls the biological activity of NF-κB. It is primarily used for Inflammation/Immunology applications.
T62110 MK2-IN-4
MK2-IN-4 is a MAPKAPK2 (MK2) inhibitor (IC50: 45 nM). MK2-IN-4 can be used in cancer, inflammation and immunology studies.
T78672 I-287
I-287 is a selective, orally active PAR2 inhibitor that functions as a negative allosteric modulator of Gαq and Gα12/13 activity and their downstream effectors. It has been shown to attenuate Complete Freund's adjuvant-i...
T79258 SEH inhibitor-16 Epoxide Hydrolase
sEH Inhibitor-16, a potent soluble epoxide hydrolase (sEH) inhibitor, exhibits an IC50 of 2 nM. It diminishes inflammatory damage associated with cerulein-induced acute pancreatitis (AP) in mice, making it suitable for i...
T75874 TcY-NH2 TFA
tcY-NH2 (trans-Cinnamoyl)-YPGKF-NH2) TFA is a selective PAR4 antagonist peptide with potent properties. It effectively inhibits thrombin- and AY-NH2-induced platelet aggregation and endostatin release. This compound find...
T80599 Dectrekumab QAX576
Dectrekumab (QAX576), a humanized monoclonal antibody targeting IL-13, significantly reduces intraepithelial esophageal eosinophil counts and normalizes dysregulated esophageal disease-related transcripts in Eosinophilic...
T60292 Ibuprofen sodium
Ibuprofen ((±)-Ibuprofen) sodium is an orally active, selective inhibitor of COX-1 (IC 50 = 13 μM). Ibuprofen sodium inhibits cell proliferation, angiogenesis, and induces cell apoptosis. Ibuprofen sodium is a nonsteroid...
T81592 Osteostatin PTHrP (107–111)
Osteostatin, derived from parathyroid hormone-related protein (PTHrP) 107-111, has demonstrated properties conducive to bone repair in animal models presenting with bone defects and exhibits efficacy in mitigating bone e...
T38042 Resolvin D4 Resolvin D4,RvD4
Resolvin D4 (RvD4) is a specialized pro-resolving mediator derived from docosahexaenoic acid . [1] It has been detected in human milk, in the dorsal pouch of mice before and after infection with S. aureus, and in untreat...