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Natural Products

Cat No. Product Name Synonyms Targets
T11120 Duocarmycin TM DNA Alkylation , Antibiotic
Duocarmycin TM is a DNA alkylator. Duocarmycin TM is an exceptionally potent antitumor antibiotic.
T0923 Busulfan Myleran,Sulphabutin,Busulphan Apoptosis , DNA Alkylator/Crosslinker , DNA Alkylation
Busulfan (Busulphan) is a synthetic derivative of dimethane-sulfonate with antineoplastic and cytotoxic properties. Although its mechanism of action is not fully understood, busulfan appears to act through the alkylation...
T1488 Procarbazine hydrochloride NSC-77213 HCl,Procarbazine HCl DNA Alkylator/Crosslinker , DNA/RNA Synthesis
Procarbazine hydrochloride (NSC-77213 HCl) is the hydrochloride salt of a methylhydrazine derivative with antineoplastic and mutagenic activities. Although the exact mode of cytotoxicity has not been elucidated, procarba...
T31551 Mipicoledine DMCHOCPEN,DM-CHOC-PEN,DM CHOC PEN Others
DM-CHOC-PEN is a DNA alkylation agent that may be used to treat brain cancer.
T11118 Duocarmycin SA Others
Duocarmycin SA is an extremely potent cytotoxic agent and antitumor antibiotic that induces sequence-selective alkylation of duplex DNA, with an IC50 of 10 pM. It demonstrates synergistic cytotoxicity against glioblastom...
T10973 DC41SMe Others
DC41SMe is a DC1 derivative that is cytotoxic to Ramos, Namalwa and HL60 / s with IC50s ranging from 18-25 pM. DC1 is a simplified analogue of CC-1065, an antibody conjugate of cytotoxic DNA alkylation molecules, used fo...
Cat No. Product Name Synonyms Targets
T10018 1-Methyladenine Others
1-Methyladenine is a DNA alkylation product that undergoes damage reversal through oxidative demethylation for repair purposes.