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The Fabaceae is a large and agriculturally important family of flowering plants. The family is widely distributed, and is the third-largest land plant family in number of species, behind only the Orchidaceae and Asteraceae, with about 765 genera and nearly 20,000 known species. Huang-Qi (Astragali Radix) is an herbal tonic widely used in China and many other countries. It is derived from the roots of Astragalus membranaceus and A. membranaceus var. mongholicus and shows potent cardiovascular protective effects. Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn (Fabaceae), commonly known as Licorice/Liquorice, Mulahatti; is an undershrub. The dried, peeled or unpeeled underground stems and roots are used for the treatment of upper respiratory tract ailments, immunodeficiency, endocrine disorders, skin, liver, joint and heart diseases.

Erythrina Antheroporum Astragalus Campylotropis Pisum Wisteria Sindora Cassia Butea Uraria Albizia Euchresta Mimosa Senna Canavalia Glycine Bauhinia Dalbergia Saraca Lespedeza Flemingia Haematoxylon Cicer Gleditsia Sophora Derris Maackia Prosopis Griffonia Genista Lupinus Pueraria Cajanus Pterocarpus Trifolium Trigonella Spartium Phaseolus Ononis Spatholobus Robinia Glycyrrhiza Lotus Crotalaria Abrus Desmodium Melilotus Ammothamnus Phyllodium Millettia Leucaena Psoralea Kummerowia Pterolobium Pongamia Thermopsis Adenanthera Cytisus Medicago Mucuna Vicia Hedysarum Caragana Parochetus Caesalpinia Styphnolobium Acacia Lens