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T2751 Ginkgolide B Ginkgolide B is a PAFR antagonist(IC50=3.6 μM) isolated from Ginkgo biloba.
T6242 Rupatadine Fumarate Rupatadine Fumarate (UR-12592 Fumarate) is a potent dual PAF/H1 antagonist with Ki of 0.55/0.1 uM.
T3856 Tenuifoliside A Tenuifoliside A has anti-apoptotic , neuroprotective activity. And tenuifoliside A has anti-inflammatory effect, which is mediated by the inhibition of the NF...
TN1170 1-Cinnamoylpyrrolidine 1-Cinnamoylpyrrolidine shows inhibitory activity of platelet aggregation in vitro.
TN1254 3'-Methoxydaidzein 3'-Methoxydaidzein has antioxidant activity, it and geraldol have antiplatelet aggregation activity and appear to be specific against collagen€induce platele...
TN1271 4',5,6,7-Tetramethoxyflavone 4',5,6,7-Tetramethoxyflavone has a hemostatic effect.
TN1643 Ferulamide Ferulamide derivatives show potent inhibitory activity against arachidonic acid-induced platelet aggregation.
TN1715 Guaiacin (+)-Guaiacin has significant neuroprotective, and anti-inflammatory activities, it can inhibit cyclooxygenase (COX)-1 and COX-2.
TN1815 Kadsulignan L Kadsulignan L shows in vitro antiviral effects on hepatitis B virus. It also shows moderate platelet-activating factor (PAF) antagonistic activities with the IC...
TN1873 Lirinidine (+)-Lirinidine has antioxidative activity, and it can significantly inhibit the proliferation of melanoma cells; it also shows potent inhibition of melanogenesi...
TN2086 Piperlotine A Piperlotine A shows potent antiplatelet aggregation activity.
TN2087 Piperlotine C Piperlotine C shows potent antiplatelet aggregation activity.
TN2322 Yangambin Yangambin is a selective antagonist of the cardiovascular effects of platelet activating factor (PAF); it has hypotensive effect, which is probably due to a per...
TN2329 Zingiberen newsaponin Zingiberensis newsaponin I exhibits induction effect on platelet aggregation.
TN1654 Futoquinol Futoquinol is an anti-platelet activating factor principle from the stem part of Piper futokadsura (Piperaceae), the Chinese drug haifengteng.
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