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T1824 TGR5 Receptor Agonist TGR5 is a potent TGR5(GPCR19) agonist.
T4083 BAR 501 BAR501 is an effective and specific GPBAR1 agonist (EC50: 1 μM).
T4352 SB-756050 SB756050 is a specific TGR5 agonist.
T5100 DJ-V159 DJ-V159 is an agonist for G protein-coupled receptor family C group 6 member A (GPRC6A).
T5077 Sodium Desoxycholate Sodium Desoxycholate can activate the G protein-coupled bile acid receptor TGR5 that stimulates brown adipose tissue (BAT) thermogenic activity.
T7428 SBI-115 SBI-115 is an antagonist of TGR5. SBI-115 decreases hepatic cystogenesis with polycystic liver diseases via inhibiting TGR5
TQ0252 BAR502 BAR502 is a dual GPBAR1 and FXR agonist (IC50s: 0.4 μM and 2 μM).
T2968 Hyodeoxycholic acid Hyodeoxycholic Acid has been used in trials studying the treatment of Hypercholesterolemia.
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