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TP1692 β-Amyloid (13-27) β-Amyloid 13-27
β-Amyloid (13-27) is a peptide consisting of amino acid of 13 to 27 of beta amyloid protein. This synthetic peptide consists of amino acids 26 to 40 of beta amyloid protein. It can be used to study the kinetics of beta a...
TP1229 β-Amyloid (1-15) Amyloid β-Protein (1-15) Beta Amyloid
β-Amyloid (1-15) (Amyloid β-Protein (1-15)) is a fragment of β-amyloid protein used in the study of Alzheimer's disease.
TP1786 β-Amyloid (10-20) Amyloid β-Protein 10-20
Amyloid β-Protein (10-20) is a fragment of Amyloid-β peptide, maybe used in the research of neurological disease.Amyloid β protein fragment containing the α-secretase processing site (Lys16-Leu17 bond). It also contains ...
TP1231 β-Amyloid (29-40) Amyloid beta-protein(29-40),β-Amyloid 29-40
β-Amyloid (29-40) is a fragment of Amyloid-β peptide.Alzheimer's beta amyloid peptide (29-40/42) C-terminal fragments have physical and chemical properties related to those of fusion peptides of viral proteins. The fusio...