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Aurora Kinase

T1825 Reversine Reversine, a small synthetic purine analogue (2,6-disubstituted purine), is a potent inhibitior of Aurora A/B/C(IC50s=150-500 nM).
T1886 TAK632 TAK-632 is a potent pan-Raf inhibitor.
T2094 Danusertib Danusertib is a small-molecule 3-aminopyrazole derivative with potential antineoplastic activity. Danusertib binds to and inhibits the Aurora kinases, which may...
T2118 SC-514 SC-514 is a selective, orally active, ATP-competitive IKK-2 inhibitor (IC50=11.2±4.7 μM), obstructs NF-κB-dependent gene expression.
T2241 Alisertib Alisertib (MLN8237) is a specific Aurora A inhibitor (IC50: 1.2 nM). The selectivity of Alisertib is >200-fold higher for Aurora A than Aurora B.
T7499 TAK-779 TAK-779 is an antagonist of chemokine receptor 5 (CCR5), CCR2b, and CXC chemokine receptor 3 (CXCR3).
T2358 ENMD-2076 ENMD-2076, a multi-targeted kinase inhibitor, has specific activity against Aurora A, Flt3, KDR/VEGFR2, Flt4/VEGFR3, FGFR1, FGFR2, Src, PDGFRα.
T2471 MK8745 MK-8745 is a potent and selective Aurora A inhibitor.
T2509 Tozasertib MK-0457 is a pan-Aurora kinase inhibitor (Kis: 0.6/18/4.6 nM for Aurora A/Aurora B/Aurora C). It shows selectivity against more than 190 different kinases.
T2602 Barasertib Barasertib (AZD1152-HQPA) is a highly selective Aurora B inhibitor (IC50: 0.37 nM) and demonstrates ~3,700-fold greater selectivity than Aurora A.
T2611 CCT137690 CCT 137690 is a highly specific and oral-available aurora kinase inhibitor, for aurora A(IC50=15nM ), B(IC50=25nM) and C(IC50=19 nM).
T2617 SNS-314 Mesylate SNS-314 Mesylate is an effective and specific Aurora A/B/C inhibitor (IC50: 9/31/3 nM). It is less inhibition of Trk A/B, Fms, Flt4, c-Raf, Axl, and DDR2.
T2620 G-749 G-749, a new-type FLT3 inhibitor, exhibits effective and sustained inhibition of the FLT3 wild type and mutants.
T3068 AT9283 AT9283 is an effective multi-targeted inhibitor of JAK2(IC50=1.2 nM) and JAK3(IC50=1.1 nM), Aurora A, Aurora B and Abl(T315I).
T3109 Pyrazolanthrone SP600125 is a JNK1/2/3 inhibitor (IC50: 40/40/90 nM) and 10-fold higher selectivity than MKK4, 25-fold higher selectivity than MKK3, MKK6, PKCα, and PKB.
T3166 VX-11e VX-11e is a potent, selective, and orally bioavailable ERK(Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase) inhibitor; antitumor agent.
T6057 URMC-099 URMC-099 is an orally bioavailable, brain penetrant MLK inhibitor (IC50: 19/42/14/150 nM, for MLK1/MLK2/MLK3/DLK), and also inhibits LRRK2 activity (IC50: 11 nM...
T6068 MK-5108 MK-5108 is a highly potent and specific Aurora-A kinase inhibitor with an IC50 value of 0.064 nM.
T6126 JNJ-7706621 JNJ-7706621 is a potent aurora kinase inhibitor, and also inhibits CDK1 and CDK2.
T6315 MLN8054 MLN8054 is a potent and selective Aurora A kinase inhibitor with an IC50 of 4 nM.
T6380 AMG-900 AMG 900 is a potent and highly selective pan-Aurora kinases inhibitor for Aurora A/B/C with IC50 of 5 nM/4 nM /1 nM. It is >10-fold selective for Aurora kinases...
T6458 CYC116 CYC116 is a potent inhibitor of Aurora A/B with Ki of 8.0 nM/9.2 nM, is less potent to VEGFR2 (Ki of 44 nM), with 50-fold greater potency than CDKs, not active ...
T6532 Hesperadin Hesperadin(IC50=250 nM) effectively inhibits Aurora B. It potently reduces the activity of AMPK, MAPKAP-K1, MKK1, Lck, CHK1 and PHK, but it could not inhibit MK...
T6785 BI-847325 BI-847325 is a selective dual inhibitor of MEK and aurora kinases (AK) with IC50 values of 4 and 15 nM for human MEK2 and AK-C, respectively.
T4428 CCT241736 CCT241736 is an orally bioavailable dual FLT3/Aurora kinase inhibitor that also inhibits clinically relevant FLT3-resistant mutants including FLT3-ITD and FLT3,...
T5524 Aurora Kinase Inhibitor III Aurora kinase inhibitor III is a potent inhibitor of Aurora A kinase (IC50 = 42 nM).1 It is selective for Aurora A over BMX, BTK, IGF-1R, c-Src, TRKB, SYK, and ...
TQ0059 Ilorasertib Ilorasertib (ABT-348) is an ATP-competitive multitargeted kinase inhibitor, which inhibits Aurora A/Aurora B/Aurora C (IC50s: 120 nM/7 nM/1 nM). It also suppres...
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