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Natural Products


Recombinant Proteins

Cat No. Product Name Synonyms Targets
T8452 Dantrolene Others
Dantrolene is a postsynaptic muscle relaxant by inhibiting Ca2+ ions release from sarcoplasmic reticulum stores by antagonizing ryanodine receptors.
T1065 Baclofen Lioresal GABA Receptor
Baclofen (Lioresal) is a synthetic chlorophenyl-butanoic acid derivative used to treat spasms due to spinal cord damage and multiple sclerosis, muscle-relaxing Baclofen acts as a gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) agonist sp...
T1308 Orphenadrine hydrochloride Mebedrol,Mephenamin Sodium Channel , NMDAR , Norepinephrine , iGluR , Histamine Receptor
Orphenadrine hydrochloride (Mephenamin) is a muscarinic antagonist used to treat drug-induced parkinsonism and to relieve pain from muscle spasm.
T6618 Orphenadrine Citrate Flexon,Flexoject,Banflex AChR , iGluR
Orphenadrine Citrate (Flexon) is a skeletal muscle relaxant, it acts in the central nervous system to produce its muscle relaxant effects.
T1092 Zolmitriptan 311C90,BW-311C90 5-HT Receptor
Zolmitriptan (311C90) selectively binds to and activates serotonin (5-HT) 1B receptors expressed in intracranial arteries and 5-HT 1D receptors located on peripheral trigeminal sensory nerve terminals in the meninges and...
T8630 Baclofen hydrochloride 4-amino-3-(4-chlorophenyl)butanoic acid hydron chloride GABA Receptor
Baclofen hydrochloride (4-amino-3-(4-chlorophenyl)butanoic acid hydron chloride) is a GAMMA-AMINOBUTYRIC ACID derivative that is a specific GABA-B RECEPTORS agonist. It is used in the treatment of MUSCLE SPASTICITY, espe...
T6355 (R)-baclofen STX209,Arbaclofen GABA Receptor
(R)-baclofen (STX209), a derivative of gamma-aminobutyric acid, is commonly utilized for the treatment of spasticity.
T11986L Mebeverine acid hydrochloride Others
Mebeverine acid hydrochloride is an effective, oral compound to act directly on the smooth muscle of the gastrointestinal tract to relieve spasticity symptoms.
T72023 JB002 Myosin
JB002, a myosin II inhibitor, exhibits potent activity with an IC50 of ≤10 μM. It holds potential for research applications in muscle spasticity, chronic musculoskeletal pain, and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
T0077 Dantrolene sodium Lapatinib ditosylate monohydrate,Dantrolene sodium salt Others , Calcium Channel
Dantrolene sodium (Lapatinib ditosylate monohydrate) salt is a skeletal muscle relaxant and can interfere with excitation-contraction coupling in the muscle fiber. It is used for the treatment of spasticity and other neu...
T67952 JB062 Myosin
JB062 is a chemical compound acting as a nonmuscle myosin inhibitor, exhibiting IC50 values of 1.6, 5.4, and >100 μM against skeletal muscle myosin, cardiac muscle myosin, and smooth muscle myosin II, respectively. It se...
T28657 SAD-448 Others
SAD-448 is a cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1) agonist. SAD-448 controls spasticity via action on the peripheral nerve CB1 receptor.
T21077 Tolperisone free base Mydeton,Atmosgen free base,Mideton,Menopatol,Besnoline free base,Mydocalm Others
Tolperisone free base, a centrally acting muscle relaxant, has been used for the symptomatic treatment of spasticity and muscle spasm.
T29117 VSN-16 VSN-16R,VSN 16R,VSN16R Others
VSN-16, a cannabinoid receptor agonist, is used potentially for the treatment of spasticity in multiple sclerosis.
T17306 (R)-Baclofen hydrochloride Arbaclofen hydrochloride GABA Receptor
Arbaclofen hydrochloride, a Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid derivative, is a specific agonist of GABA-B receptors, it is used to treat spasticity, especially that due to spinal cord damage. It acts at spinal and supraspinal site...
T73439 MPH-220 Others
MPH-220 is a selective, orally active skeletal muscle myosin-2 inhibitor that facilitates muscle relaxation. As an anti-spastic agent, it holds potential for research into spasticity and muscle stiffness.
Cat No. Product Name Synonyms Targets
T5295 1-Hydroxyoctadecane 1-Octadecanol,Stearyl alcohol,Octadecanol Others , Endogenous Metabolite
1-Hydroxyoctadecane (OctadecanolOctadecanol) is a fatty alcohol present in human and is normally incorporated into plasmalogen lipids. Sjogren-Larsson syndrome is defined by the triad of ichthyosis, mental retardation, a...

Recombinant Proteins

Cat No. Product Name Species Expression System
TMPY-03282 FUCA1 Protein, Human, Recombinant (His) Human HEK293 Cells
FUCA1 is a lysosomal enzyme involved in the degradation of fucose-containing glycoproteins and glycolipids. Mutations in FUCA1 gene are associated with fucosidosis (FUCA1D), which is an autosomal recessive lysosomal stor...
TMPY-02091 GAD67 Protein, Human, Recombinant (His) Human Baculovirus Insect Cells
Glutamate decarboxylase 1, also known as 67 kDa glutamic acid decarboxylase, Glutamate decarboxylase 67 kDa isoform and GAD1, is a member of thegroup II decarboxylase family. GAD1 is expressed in benign and malignant ...
TMPY-01479 SPG3A Protein, Human, Recombinant (GST) Human Baculovirus Insect Cells
Atlastin-1, also known as Spastic paraplegia 3 protein A, Guanine nucleotide-binding protein 3, GTP-binding protein 3, GBP3, ATL1 and SPG3A, is a multi-pass membrane protein which belongs to theGBP family and atlastin...