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T2817 Picroside II Vanilloyl catalpol,6-Vanilloylcatalpol Apoptosis , Others , Influenza Virus , NF-κB , Reactive Oxygen Species
Picroside II (Vanilloyl catalpol) is the main active ingredient in iridoid glycosides. It has antioxidant, anti-inflamma...
T131515 Picroside II (Amphicoside)
Picroside II (Amphicoside) is a useful organic compound for research related to life sciences and the catalog number is ...
T5S0733 Picroside III Others
Picroside III, an iridoid glucoside found in the root of Picrorhiza scrophulariiflora Pennell (Scrophulariaceae), and it...
TN2072 Picroside IV Others
Kutkoside is a mixture of iridoid glycosides namely, picroside II, Picroside IV and 6-ferulloylcatalpol, it may have ant...