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Recombinant Proteins

Cat No. Product Name Synonyms Targets
T75391 Penicillinase
Penicillinase is a beta-lactamase. beta-lactamase enzymes inactivate beta-lactam antibiotics by hydrolyzing the peptide bond of the characteristic four-membered beta-lactam ring rendering the antibiotic ineffective [1] .
T1312 Nafcillin sodium monohydrate CL 8491,nafcillin sodium Antibacterial , Antibiotic
Nafcillin sodium monohydrate (CL 8491) is the sodium salt form of nafcillin, a semi-synthetic naphthalene, penicillin-related Nafcillin inhibits bacterial wall synthesis by a mechanism of action similar to penicillin. Pe...
T26790 Bharangin
Bharangin is a inhibitor of penicillinase enzyme in E coli.
T37914 Pipacycline
Pipacycline is a tetracycline antibiotic derivative. It inhibits the formation of penicillinase, the enzyme that inactivates penicillin in bacteria. It decreases oxygen uptake and inhibits growth of penicillin-resistant ...

Recombinant Proteins

Cat No. Product Name Species Expression System
TMPH-00586 Beta-lactamase TEM Protein, E. coli, Recombinant (His) E. coli Yeast
One of the 2 subunits of integration host factor (IHF), a specific DNA-binding protein that functions in genetic recombination as well as in transcriptional and translational control. Binds to hundreds of transcriptional...
TMPH-00587 Beta-lactamase TEM Protein, E. coli, Recombinant (His & SUMO) E. coli E. coli
Di-iron-containing protein involved in the repair of iron-sulfur clusters damaged by oxidative and nitrosative stress conditions.