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Recombinant Proteins

Cat No. Product Name
TP2086 AdTx1
Selective, high affinity, non-competitive α1A adrenoceptor antagonist (Ki = 0.35 nM). Exhibits no significant activity a...
Cat No. Product Name Species Source
TMPY-04122 ATOX1 Protein, Human, Recombinant (His) Human E. coli
ATOX1 is a cytoplasmic copper chaperone that interacts with the copper-binding domain of the membrane copper transporters ATP7A and ATP7B. ATOX1 has also been suggested to have a potential anti-oxidant activity. As the trace element copper is essential, but extremely toxic in high concentrations, intracellular copper concentrations are tightly controlled. Once in the cell, copper is distributed by metallochaperones, including the small cytoplasmic protein ATOX1. ATOX1 plays an important role in ...