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P2 Receptor

Nucleotides if get released into the extracellular environment can lead to cell death or some other harmful cellular consequences. To avoid them it is required that they should be neutralized. Therefore P2 receptors come to work. Almost every cell type expresses P2 receptors. Purinergic signalling also has a pathophysiological role in several immune cells including calcium mobilization, actin polymerization, chemotaxis, the release of mediators, cell maturation, cytotoxicity, and cell death etc.Depending on the nature of the receptor they are found to be of two types:P2Y receptors and P2X receptors,P is for purinergic, P2 refers to ATP receptors, as opposed to P1 adenosine adenosine receptors. P2X receptors are ATP activated channels that allow the passage of ions across cell membranes. P2Y receptors are ATP activated G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) that initiate an intracellular chain of reactions.
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