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T16946 Streptonigrin Bruneomycin Others
Streptonigrin is a natural product produced by Streptomyces flocculus, has both anti-tumor and anti-bacterial activity. ...
T71483 Streptonigrin (racemate)
Streptonigrin is an aminoquinone antitumor and antibacterial antibiotic produced by Streptomyces flocculus. Streptonigri...
T25798 Methyl Streptonigrin NSC 45384,NSC45384,NSC-45384
Methyl Streptonigrin is an ABCG2 transporter function inhibitor.
T35607 10'-Desmethoxystreptonigrin
10'-Desmethoxystreptonigrin is an antibiotic originally isolated from Streptomyces and a derivative of the antibiotic st...