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Cat No. Product Name
T16743 Rhodamine 123 R-22420,RH-123 Others
Rhodamine 123 is a fluorescent dye (λex=503 nm, λem=527 nm).
T16743L Rhodamine 123 free base
The laser dye rhodamine 123 inhibit mitochondrion function.
T2S0265 Robinin NSC 9222 TLR
Flavone glycoside from Robinia with antibacterial and diuretic properties; derived from kaempferol.The ability of robini...
T26180 Sdz 280 446 Sdz 280,446,Sdz 280-446
Sdz 280 446 is one of the most active cyclopeptolide of many resistance-modifying agents in restoring rhodamine-123 rete...
T38011 C2 Adamantanyl Globotriaosylceramide (d18:1/2:0)
C2 Adamantanyl globotriaosylceramide (AdaGb3) is a bioactive sphingolipid and water-soluble form of globotriaosylceramid...
T35902 Milbemycin A4 oxime
Milbemycin A4 oxime is a derivative of milbemycin A4 and a component of milbemycin oxime , compounds that both have inse...