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T75729 Neurokinin A TFA
Neurokinin A TFA (Substance K TFA), a peptide neurotransmitter belonging to the tachykinin family, functions through the NK-2 receptor. It serves as a significant mediator in human airway and gastrointestinal tissues [1]...
TP1385 Neurokinin A(4-10) TFA(97559-35-8 free base) Neurokinin A(4-10) TFA Neurokinin receptor
Neurokinin A(4-10) TFA(97559-35-8 free base) is a tachykinin NK2 receptor agonist[1].
T7559 Neurokinin A(4-10) Neurokinin A(4-10)(TFA) Neurokinin receptor
Neurokinin A(4-10)(TFA) is an agonist of tachykinin NK2 receptor .
T75742 Neurokinin A(4-10) TFA
Neurokinin A (4-10) TFA is a tachykinin NK 2 receptor agonist [1] .
TP1086 Men 10376 TFA(135306-85-3,free) Men 10376 TFA,Neurokinin-2 receptor antagonist TFA Neurokinin receptor
Men 10376 TFA(135306-85-3,free) (Neurokinin-2 receptor antagonist TFA) is an effective and selective tachykinin nk-2 receptor antagonist with a K I value of 4.4 M for the nk-2 receptor in the small intestine of rats.
TP2155 Substance P TFA Neurokinin P TFA Others
Substance P TFA (Neurokinin P TFA) is a neuropeptide, acting as a neurotransmitter and as a neuromodulator in the CNS, targeting the neurokinin 1 receptor (NK1-receptor, NK1R).
TP1279 Neurokinin B (TFA) Neurokinin B TFA
Neurokinin B TFA belongs to the tachykinin family.Neurokinin B binds to a series of GPCR, including neurokinin receptors 1 (NK1R), NK2R, and nk3r, to modulate their biological effects
T75840 Hemokinin 1, human TFA
Hemokinin 1, human TFA acts as a selective full agonist at the tachykinin neurokinin 1 (NK1) receptor, while also being a full agonist at NK2 and NK3 receptors. It is capable of inducing opioid-independent analgesia [1] ...