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Recombinant Proteins

Cat No. Product Name
T3437 Lys05 Lys01 trihydrochloride lysosomal autophagy , Autophagy
Lys05, or Lys01 trihydrochloride, is a potent, water soluble lysosomal autophagy inhibitor. Lys05 is a previously undesc...
T3436 LYS01 lys05 (free base) Autophagy
LYS01 free base is a new lysosomal autophagy inhibitor.
Cat No. Product Name Species Source
TMPY-02930 TLR2 Protein, Mouse, Recombinant (His) Mouse Baculovirus-Insect Cells
TLR2, also known as CD282, is a member of the Toll-like receptor (TLR) family. TLRs are highly conserved from Drosophila to humans and share structural and functional similarities. They play a fundamental role in pathogen recognition and activation of innate immunity. They recognize pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) that are expressed on infectious agents, and mediate the production of cytokines necessary for the development of effective immunity. The various TLRs exhibit different ...
TMPY-06591 IL-15RA Protein, Mouse, Recombinant (hFc,Met1-Lys205) Mouse HEK293