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Cat No. Product Name
T12680 (±)-Darifenacin (±)-UK-88525 Others
(±)-Darifenacin is the racemate of Darifenacin. Darifenacin is a selective antagonist of M3 muscarinic receptor.
T1534 Darifenacin hydrobromide Darifenacin HBr,UK-88525 AChR
Darifenacin hydrobromide (UK-88525) is a selective muscarinic receptor antagonist used to treat urinary incontinence and...
T36118 3-hydroxy Darifenacin
3-hydroxy Darifenacin is a metabolite of darifenacin . It is an antagonist of M1-5 muscarinic receptors (Kis = 17.78, 79...
T62320 Darifenacin
Darifenacin (UK88525) is an M3 muscarinic receptor antagonist (pKi: 8.9).