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Receptor Proteins

Receptor proteins refer to a class of proteins that can bind with extracellular specific signaling molecules (ligands) to mediate cellular signal transduction. Receptor proteins are located in the cell membrane, cytoplasm, and nucleus. Upon binding with ligands, they undergo molecular conformational changes, leading to alterations in the cellular state. Membrane receptor proteins are transmembrane proteins, including glycoproteins and lipoproteins, which are typically divided into three parts: the extracellular domain, the transmembrane domain, and the intracellular domain.

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Cytokines and Gro... Ion Channel-Linke... 3 Receptor Tyrosine... 376 Nuclear Receptors 7 Receptor Serine/T... 56 Cell Adhesion Rec... 377 Enzyme-Linked Rec... 432 Fc Receptors 138 G Protein-Coupled... 57 Others 599