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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T3588 JK184 JK184 is a potent Hedgehog (Hh) pathway inhibitor. Others
T3156 Ciliobrevin A Ciliobrevin A is a?hedgehog?(Hh) signaling pathway inhibitor with IC50 less than 10 μ...
T6891 MK-4101 MK-4101, an effective inhibitor of the Hedgehog pathway, has anti-tumor activity thro... Others
T3363 Jervinenew The biological activity of Jervine is mediated via its interaction with the 7 passes... Others
T6514 Glasdegib Glasdegib (PF-04449913) is a potent, and orally bioavailable Smoothened (Smo) inhibit... Cancer
T3070 GANT61 GANT 61 is an inhibitor for Gli1 and Gli2. Cancer
T2666 Taladegib Taladegib is an orally bioavailable small molecule antagonist of the Hedgehog (Hh)-li... Cancer
T2590 Vismodegib Vismodegib is a kinase inhibitor active used in the therapy of unresectable or metast... Cancer
T2450 SANT-1 SANT-1 directly binds to Smoothened (Smo) receptor (Kd: 1.2 nM) and inhibits Smo agon... Other
T2299 BMS-833923 BMS-833923, an orally bioavailable Smoothened antagonist, inhibits BODIPY cyclopamine... Cancer
T1926 Sonidegib LDE225 (NVP-LDE225; Erismodegib), a Smoothened (Smo) antagonist, inhibits Hedgehog (H... Other
T1810 Purmorphamine Purmorphamine, which directly binds and activates Smoothened, blocks BODIPY-cyclopami... Other
T1779 Smoothened Agonist SAG is a potent Smo receptor agonist and activates the Hedgehog signaling pathway. Other