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T75741 Melittin TFA
Melittin TFA, a phospholipase A2 (PLA2) activator, selectively enhances the activity of low molecular weight PLA2 without affecting the activity of high molecular weight PLA2 [1] [2].
TP1299L Melittin TFA(20449-79-0(free base)) Phospholipase
Melittin TFA is a small protein containing 26 amino acid residues, is the principal toxic component of bee venom. Melittin is a PLA2 activator, stimulates the activity of the low molecular weight PLA2, while it does not ...
T83750 Melittin (C-Term Cysteine labeled) TFA Mel-Cys
Melittin (C-term cysteine labeled), a variant of the toxic bee venom peptide melittin featuring a cysteine residue at its C-terminus, effectively induces hemolysis in isolated human red blood cells at both endosomal and ...