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T4618 K 0859

BGG463 can inhibit c-ABL-T334I, BCR-ABL and BCR-ABL-T315I variants with a 50% inhi...

T3593 Src Inhibitor 1 Src Inhibitor 1 is a potent and selective dual site Src tyrosine kinase inhibitor. Others
T6997 SU6656 SU 6656 is a selective inhibitor of Src family kinases, with IC50 of 280 nM, 20 nM, 1... Others
T3319 Scutellarein Scutellarein reduces inflammatory responses by inhibiting Src kinase activity. Immunology
T6266 PP2 PP2 is a effective inhibitor of Lck/Fyn (IC50:4/5 nM) , ~100-fold less potent to EGFR... Cancer
T6196 PP1 PP1, a specific and effective Src inhibitor, is with IC50 for Lck/Fyn is 5 nM/ 6 nM, ... Cancer
T6078 Saracatinib Saracatinib (AZD0530) is an effective Src inhibitor (IC50: 2.7 nM), and effective to... Cancer
T3074 CHIR98014 CHIR 98014 is a potent GSK-3α/β inhibitor with IC50 of 0.65 nM/0.58 nM in cell-free a... Cancer
T3063 PD-173955 PD173955 is src family-selective tyrosine kinase inhibitor with IC50 of ~22 nM for Sr... Cancer
T2709 TAK901 TAK-901 has been used in trials studying the treatment of Lymphoma, Myelofibrosis, Mu... Cancer
T2696 PRT062607 hydrochloride PRT062607 (BIIB-057) is a selective inhibitor of Syk (IC50: 1 nM). It displays at lea... Cardiovascular System
T2642 PD173074 PD173074 is an effective FGFR1 inhibitor (IC50: 25 nM) and also inhibits VEGFR2 (IC50... Cancer
T2640 DCC-2036 DCC-2036 (Rebastinib) is a conformational control Bcr-Abl inhibitor for Abl1(WT, IC50... Cardiovascular System
T2603 Spebrutinib Spebrutinib is an orally bioavailable, selective inhibitor of Bruton's agammaglobulin... Cancer
T2582 Apatinib Apatinib is an orally bioavailable and specific VEGFR2 inhibitor (IC50: 1 nM). In add... Cancer
T2415 PP121 PP-121 is a multi-targeted inhibitor of PDGFR (IC50: 2 nM), Hck (IC50: 8 nM), mTOR (I... Cancer
T2372 Ponatinib Ponatinib is an orally available, multitargeted kinase inhibitor (IC50s: 0.37/1.1/1.5... Cardiovascular System
T2327 Pelitinib Pelitinib (EKB-569) is an effective irreversible EGFR inhibitor (IC50: 38.5 nM). Cancer
T2174 Quercetin Quercetin, a natural flavonoid present in vegetables, fruit, and wine, is a stimulato... Cardiovascular System
T2153 1 nM-PP1 1 nM-PP1 is a cell-permeable PP1 analog that acts as a potent and selective inhibitor... Cancer
T2116 AEE788 AEE788 has been used in trials studying the treatment of Cancer, Glioblastoma Multifo... Cancer
T1812 KX1-004 KX1-004, a potential protective drug for NIHL, is an effective small molecule inhibit... Cancer
T1811 WH-4-023 WH-4-023 is a potent and orally active Lck/Src inhibitor. It also potently inhibits S... Other
T1754 ZM 306416 ZM 306416, a VEGFR1 inhibitor (IC50: 0.33 μM), can also inhibit EGFR (IC50<10 nM). Other
T1448L Dasatinib monohydrate Dasatinib is an orally bioavailable synthetic small molecule-inhibitor of SRC-family ... Cancer
T1448 Dasatinibhot Dasatinib is a potent inhibitor of the Bcr-Abl and Src family (IC50s: 0.6, 0.8, 79 an... Cancer
T0152 Bosutinib Bosutinib is a synthetic quinolone derivative and dual kinase inhibitor that targets ... Cancer
T6345 KX2-391 KX2-391 is a highly selective Src kinase inhibitor that has demonstrated efficacy in ... Cancer