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Natural Product Library for HTS

The TargetMol natural product libraries are continuously updated and contain structurally novel and active natural products from plants, animals, microorganisms and marine organisms. Our natural product libraries can be used for high-throughput screening, high-content screening, new drug development, pharmacological research and other fields, and are globally cited by highly-scored journals.

Compound Libraries | TargetMol
Cat No. product name
L6000 Natural Product Library for HTS A unique collection of 4533 pure natural products and their derivatives with known biological activity for drug discovery, pharmacological study, stem cell differentiation, fingerprint study and quality research, and can be used for high throughput screen 4533 compounds
L6010 Natural Product Library A unique collection of 3840 natural products for high throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS); 3840 compounds
Natural Product Library for HTS
L6000 compounds - 4533
Natural Product Library
L6010 compounds - 3840