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Natural Product Derivatives Libraries

Natural products have been a treasure trove for new drug development, a source of new structures and new ideas. Since the 1940s, nearly 75% of the newly discovered small molecule anti-cancer drugs are associated with natural products, and 40 natural product derivatives were approved between 1998 and 2009. Natural products and their derivatives are potent tools for studying and modulating protein function and natural product-related drug designs.

Compound Libraries | TargetMol
Cat No. product name
NY1000 Natural Product Derivatives Library The library consists of more than 4,000 members belonging 22 scaffolds (average 180 compounds per scaffold). 4000 compounds
L6030 Natural Product Derivatives Library for CADD Large quantity: contains 163,000 natural product derivatives and the number is continuously updating; 163000 compounds
Natural Product Derivatives Library
NY1000 compounds - 4000
Natural Product Derivatives Library for CADD
L6030 compounds - 163000