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CD Proteins

The term CD (Cluster of Differentiation) translates to clusters or groups of differentiation, also known as leukocyte differentiation antigens. These refer to cell surface markers that appear or disappear on various lineages of white blood cells during different stages of normal differentiation, maturation, and activation processes. They are mostly glycoprotein molecules. Physiologically, CD molecules often serve as important receptors or ligands on cells and as cellular markers for immune antigen recognition. However, some CD proteins are unrelated to cell signaling, but play roles in cell adhesion, activation, or inhibition.

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T Cell CD Proteins 515 Myeloid Cell CD P... 762 Cell Activation C... 44 Cytokine Receptor... 314 Cell Adhesion CD ... 181 NK/Non-lineage Ce... 499 Endothelial Cell ... 535 B Cell CD Proteins 338 Platelet CD Prote... 258 Other CD Proteins 287