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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T4958 Alkannin Shikonin is a natural red naphthoquinone pigment, has antimicrobial, anti-tumor, and ...
T4976 TGR-1202 TGR-1202 is a PI3Kδ inhibitor. Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
T5S0896 Loureirin A Loureirin A has an inhibitory effect on platelet activation, perhaps through an impai...
T2P2919 (4S)-4-Hydroxy-L-isoleucine 4-Hydroxyisoleucine (HIL) from fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) seeds is a poten...
T4199 Desmethyl-VS-5584 Desmethyl-VS-5584 is a dimethyl analog of VS-5584, which is a novel and highly select... Others
T4079 LY-294002 hydrochloride

LY294002 is a synthetic molecule inhibitor of PI3Kα/δ/β (IC50: 0.5/0.57/0.97 μM, i...

T3986 SF2523 SF2523 is a highly selective and potent inhibitor. Cancer
T3985 GDC-0326 GDC-0326 is a potent and selective inhibitor of α-Isoform of Phosphoinositide 3-Kinas... Others
T3705 GDC-0084 GDC-0084 (RG7666) is a PI3K inhibitor with potential antineoplastic activity. GDC-008... Cancer
T3692 GNE 477 GNE-477 is a potent and efficacious dual PI3K/mTOR inhibitor. Others
T3348 PIK-293 PIK-293 is a?PI3K?inhibitor, for?PI3Kδ( IC50=0.24 μM), and less potent for PI3Kα/β/ ... Others
T3656 PKI-402 PKI-402 is a potent dual pan-PI3K/mTOR inhibitor targeting PI3Kα/β/γ/δ and mTOR with ... Others
T7015 VPS34-IN1 Vps34-IN1 is a potent and highly selective Vps34 inhibitor with IC50 of 25 nM invitro... Others
T7014 Voxtalisib Voxtalisib (SAR245409, XL765) is a dual inhibitor of mTOR/PI3K, mostly for p110γ with... Others
T6945 PIK-III PIK-III, a selective inhibitor of VPS34 enzymatic activity, inhibits autophagy and ...
T6938 PF-4989216 PF-4989216 is a potent and selective PI3K inhibitor with IC50 of 2 nM, 142 nM, 65 nM,... Others
T6850 GSK2292767 GSK2292767 is a potent and selective PI3Kδ inhibitor. Others
T6845 GNE-317 GNE-317, a PI3K/mTOR inhibitor, can pass through the blood-brain barrier (BBB). others
T6774 AZD8835 AZD8835 is a mixed inhibitor of PI3Kα/δ (IC50: 6.2/5.7 nM), also with selectivity aga... Others
T6773 AZD8186 AZD8186 is an effective and specific PI3Kβ/δ inhibitor (IC50: 4/12 nM). Others
T6757 AMG319 AMG319 is a potent and selective PI3Kδ inhibitor with IC50 of 18 nM, >47-fold selecti... Others
T3410 Momordin Icnew Momordin Ic might represent a potential anticancer activity, by inducing apoptosis th... Others
T1988 Duvelisib Duvelisib is an orally bioavailable, highly selective and potent small molecule inhib... Cancer
T6704 TG100713 TG100713 is a pan-PI3K inhibitor against PI3Kγ, PI3Kδ, PI3Kα and PI3Kβ with IC50 of 5... Cancer
T6433 CAY10505 CAY10505, a form of dehydroxyl of AS-252424, is a PI3Kγ inhibitor (IC50: 33 nM). Cancer
T6394 AS-604850 AS-604850 is a specific and ATP-competitive PI3Kγ inhibitor (IC50: 250 nM), 18-fold m... Cancer
T6251 PF-04691502 PF-04691502 is a potent and selective inhibitor of PI3K and mTOR kinases with antitum... Cancer
T6208 AS-252424 AS-252424 is a potent and selective inhibitor of PI3Kγ with IC50 of 33 nM; >10 fold s... Cancer
T6168 ZSTK474 PI3K Inhibitor ZSTK474 is an orally available, s-triazine derivative, ATP-competitive... Immunology/ Cancer
T6143 PI-103 PI-103 is a potent and multi-targeted PI3K inhibitor. Cancer