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Cat No. Product Name Synonyms Targets
T37114 SB 242084 dihydrochloride
SB 242084 hydrochloride is a 5-HT2C receptor antagonist(pKi=9.0) that displays 158- and 100-fold selectivity over 5-HT2A and 5-HT2B receptors respectively.IC50 value: 9.0(pKi) [1]Target: 5-HT2C antagonistin vitro: SB 242...
T7277 SB 242084 SB 242084 dihydrochloride hydrate 5-HT Receptor
SB 242084 dihydrochloride hydrate is a psychoactive drug and research chemical which acts as a selective antagonist for the 5HT2C receptor.