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Virual Proteins

Viral protein refers to both the products of the genome of a virus and any host proteins incorporated into the viral particle. Viral proteins are grouped according to their functions, and groups of viral proteins include structural proteins, nonstructural proteins, regulatory proteins, and accessory proteins.Viruses are non-living and do not have the means to reproduce on their own, instead depending on their host cell's machinery to do this. Thus, viruses do not code for most of the proteins required for their replication and the translation of their mRNA into viral proteins, but use proteins encoded by the host cell for this purpose.

Products.related Protein

Coronavirus (CoV)... DENV Proteins 15 HCV Proteins 5 HIV Proteins 23 HBV Proteins 1 EBOV Proteins 32 RSV Proteins 17 Influenza Proteins 614 Others 97