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T4261 BPR1J-097 hydrochloride (1327167-19-0(free base)) BPR1J-097, a new-type small molecule FLT-3 inhibitor(IC50=11±7 nM), is with great ant... others
T7007 UNC-2025 UNC-2025( IC50 of 0.74 nM and 0.8 nM) is a potent and orally bioavailable dual MER/FL... Others
T6756 AMG 925 AMG 925 is a potent and orally bioavailable dual FLT3/CDK4 inhibitor with IC50 of 1 n... Others
T6479 Dovitinib Lactate Dovitinib (TKI258) Lactate is the Lactate of Dovitinib, which is a multitargeted RTK ... Cardiovascular System
T6193 Dovitinib Dilactic Acid Dovitinib Dilactic acid (TKI258 Dilactic acid) is the Dilactic acid of Dovitinib, whi... Cancer
T6138 TCS 359 TCS 359 is a potent FLT3 inhibitor with IC50 of 42 nM. Cancer
T6132 ENMD-2076 L-(+)-Tartaric acid ENMD-2076 L-(+)-Tartaric acid is the tartaric acid of ENMD-2076, selective activity a... Cancer
T6020 Pacritinib Pacritinib (SB1518) is an effective and specific inhibitor of JAK2 and FLT3 (IC50: 23... Cancer
T3078 SGI-1776 free base SGI-1776 has been used in trials studying the treatment of Prostate Cancer, Non-Hodgk... Cancer
T3072 XL019 XL019 is a potent and selective JAK2 inhibitor with IC50 of 2.2 nM, 100 fold selectiv... Cancer
T3065 TG101209 TG101209 is a selective JAK2 inhibitor with IC50 of 6 nM. Cancer
T2699 BMS-777607 BMS-777607 is a Met-related inhibitor for c-Met/Axl/Ron/Tyro3 (IC50: 3.9/1.1/1.8/4.3 ... Endocrine system
T2696 PRT062607 hydrochloride PRT062607 (BIIB-057) is a selective inhibitor of Syk (IC50: 1 nM). It displays at lea... Cardiovascular System
T2653 SB1317 SB1317 is a potent inhibitor of cyclin dependant kinases (CDKs), Janus kinase 2 (JAK2... Cancer
T2640 DCC-2036 DCC-2036 (Rebastinib) is a conformational control Bcr-Abl inhibitor for Abl1(WT, IC50... Cardiovascular System
T2638 Gandotinib LY2784544(Gandotinib) is a potent JAK2 inhibitor (IC50: 3 nM), effective in JAK2V617F... Cancer
T2624 OSI 930 OSI-930, an orally active inhibitor of c-Kit and the vascular endothelial growth fact... Cancer
T2620 G-749 G-749, a new-type FLT3 inhibitor, exhibits effective and sustained inhibition of the ... Cardiovascular System
T2516 Amuvatinib Amuvatinib is an orally bioavailable synthetic carbothioamide with potential antineop... Cancer
T2514 Linifanib Linifanib (ABT-869) is a novel, potent ATP-competitive VEGFR/PDGFR inhibitor for KDR ... Cancer
T2509 Tozasertib MK-0457 is a pan-Aurora kinase inhibitor (Kis: 0.6/18/4.6 nM for Aurora A/Aurora B/Au... Cancer
T2358 ENMD-2076 ENMD-2076, a multi-targeted kinase inhibitor, has specific activity against Aurora A,... Cancer
T2349 BMS-754807 Dual IGF-1R/InsR Inhibitor BMS-754807 is an oral small molecule inhibitor of insulin-... Cancer
T2341 KW2449 KW-2449 is a multiple-targeted inhibitor, mostly for Flt3 (IC50: 6.6 nM), modestly ef... Cancer
T2272 BPR1J-097 BPR1J-097 is a novel FLT-3 inhibitor(IC50: 11±7 nM) with promising in vivo anti-tumor... Cancer
T2115 Pexidartinib Pexidartinib is a capsule formulation containing a small-molecule receptor tyrosine k... Cancer
T2066 Quizartinib Quizartinib is an inhibitor of FLT3 (Kd: 1.6 nM) and demonstrates high selectivity fo... Cancer
T2051 FLT3-IN-1 FLT3-IN-1 is a novel potent and selective Flt3 inhibitor. Cancer
T1995 Fedratinib Fedratinib (TG101348) is an ATP-competitive inhibitor of JAK2 (IC50: 3 nM) with signi... Other
T1938 FLT3-IN-2 FLT3-IN-2 is an FLT3 inhibitor (IC50<1 μM). Cancer