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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T4290 Preladenant Preladenant is an orally bioavailable antagonist of the adenosine A2A receptor (Ki: 1... cancer
T4265 AZD4635 AZD4635 is a new-type adenosine 2A receptor (A2AR) inhibitor(Ki=1.7 nM). cancer
T4006 Pentostatin Pentostatin is an extremely effective and irreversible inhibitor of adenosine deamina... Cancer
T7021 ZM241385 ZM-241385 is a high-affinity antagonist ligand selective for the adenosine A2A recept...
T6979 SCH58261 SCH 58261 is a potent and selective A2a adenosine receptor antagonist.The Ki =2.3 nM ... Others
T6745 5-Iodotubercidin 5-Iodotubercidin is a potent adenosine kinase inhibitor with IC50 of 26 nM. It inhibi... Others
T6552 Istradefylline Istradefylline(Ki of 2.2 nM) is a selective adenosine A2A receptor (A2AR) antagonist,... Nervous system
T6441 CGS 21680 HCl CGS 21680 HCl( IC50=22 nM),an adenosine receptor agonist, exhibits 140-fold potency i... Nervous system
T2671 Regadenoson Regadenoson is an adenosine derivative and selective A2A adenosine receptor agonist w... Cardiovascular System
T2373 Vipadenant Vipadenant(BIIB-014) is an adenosine A2a antagonist with Ki of 1.3 nM; less potent fo... Other
T1825 Reversine Reversine, a small synthetic purine analogue (2,6-disubstituted purine), is a potent ... Other
T1681 Aminophylline Aminophylline is a competitive nonselective phosphodiesterase inhibitor giving a bron... Respiratory system
T1368 Methyl protocatechuate Thermographic recording material with improved image tone. Other
T1083L Theophylline monohydrate Theophylline appears to inhibit phosphodiesterase and prostaglandin production, regul... Respiratory system
T1083 Theophylline Theophylline is a methyl xanthine derivative from tea with diuretic, smooth muscle re... Respiratory system
T0702 Gabapentin Gabapentin is an Anti-epileptic Agent. The physiologic effect of gabapentin is by mea... Nervous system
T0625 Theobromine 3,7-Dimethylxanthine, a xanthine alkaloid, is used as a bronchodilator and as a vasod... Respiratory system