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Compound Libraries for HTS/HCS

High-throughput screening and high-content screening (HTS, HCS) are the current mainstream drug screening methods with the advantages of being microscopic, rapid, sensitive, and accurate, and can screen thousands of samples simultaneously. These techniques rely heavily on a large number of compound libraries designed with high structural diversity. And to cover various research fields, the diversity of potential targets must also be considered.

There are about 50 million compounds commercially available in the global market, and we apply rigorous selection criteria to only select compounds with reliable quality and good drug-like diversities. During the design and screening process of our compound libraries, we use a series of methods to ensure the diversity and high specificity of our libraries. These libraries have been extensively validated by our in-house bioassays and by the laboratories of over 200 external partners, covering pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic fields, and screening centers in the US, Europe, and Japan.

Compound Libraries | TargetMol
Cat No. product name
LF1000 Pre-plated Diversity Sets For your convenience, there are Diversity Sets of 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, and 20,000 compounds with no structure overlap. 50000 compounds
L5610 Golden Scaffold Library Diversity: Selected from 1,600,000 drug-like compounds, 10000compounds representing 5000 scaffolds selected from a large drug-like chemical source; 10000 compounds
DO1200 SmartTM Library 53200 compounds
DF4500 Diversity Core Library Part1 50000 compounds
VM1400 Diversity Core Library Part2 25920 compounds
L5600 Mini Scaffold Library Diversity: Selected from 1,600,000 drug-like compounds covering rich chemical scaffolds, 5000 compounds representing 5000 scaffolds; 5000 compounds
Pre-plated Diversity Sets
LF1000 compounds - 50000
Golden Scaffold Library
L5610 compounds - 10000
SmartTM Library
DO1200 compounds - 53200
Diversity Core Library Part1
DF4500 compounds - 50000
Diversity Core Library Part2
VM1400 compounds - 25920
Mini Scaffold Library
L5600 compounds - 5000