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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T5019 Desmopressin Acetate Desmopressin(DDAVP) is the synthetic analogue of the antidiuretic hormone arginine va...
T4141 RO 5028442 RO5028442 has been used in trials studying Autistic Disorder. autism
T4355 OPC 21268 OPC 21268 is a non-peptide Arginine vasopressin(AVP) Receptor V antagonist. Metabolic disease
T6453 Conivaptan hydrochloride Conivaptan HCl is an orally active vasopressin V2 and V1A receptor antagonist, used i... Nervous system
T2568 Felypressin Felypressin is a synthetic analog of LYPRESSIN with a PHENYLALANINE substitution at r... Endocrine system
T2326 Tolvaptan Tolvaptan is an orally bioavailable, selective, arginine vasopressin receptor 2 (V2, ... Cardiovascular System
T6288 Mozavaptan Mozavaptan is a competitive vasopressin receptor antagonist for both V1 and V2 recept... Cardiovascular system