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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T4053 AST 487 AST 487 is a RET kinase inhibitor, inhibiting RET autophosphorylation and activation ... Cancer
T2288 Motesanib Motesanib is an orally bioavailable receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor with potential... Cancer
T3065 TG101209 TG101209 is a selective JAK2 inhibitor with IC50 of 6 nM. Cancer
T2639 LY2811376 LY2811376, an orally available non-peptidic β-secretase(BACE1) inhibitor (IC50: 239-2... Nervous system
T2620 G-749 G-749, a new-type FLT3 inhibitor, exhibits effective and sustained inhibition of the ... Cardiovascular System
T2582 Apatinib Apatinib is an orally bioavailable and specific VEGFR2 inhibitor (IC50: 1 nM). In add... Cancer
T2358 ENMD-2076 ENMD-2076, a multi-targeted kinase inhibitor, has specific activity against Aurora A,... Cancer
T2288L Motesanib Diphosphate Motesanib Diphosphate is the orally bioavailable diphosphate salt of a multiple-recep... Cancer
T2282 RPI-1 RPI-1 is a competitive, potent ATP-dependent Ret kinase inhibitor.? Cancer
T2094 Danusertib Danusertib is a small-molecule 3-aminopyrazole derivative with potential antineoplast... Cancer
T2070 CEP-32496 CEP-32496 is a highly potent inhibitor of BRAF. Other
T1995 Fedratinib Fedratinib (TG101348) is an ATP-competitive inhibitor of JAK2 (IC50: 3 nM) with signi... Other
T0093 Sorafenib tosylate Sorafenib is a potent multikinase inhibitor (IC50s: 6/20/22 nM for Raf-1/VEGFR-3/B-Ra... Cancer