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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T2S2003 Phlorizin dihydrate 1. Phlorizin dihydrate can significantly inhibit oxidative DNA damage.
T4187 Gemcitabine monophosphate sodium salt hydrate Gemcitabine monophosphate disodium salt is a monophosphate derivative of Gemcitabine. Cancer
T4040 AN2718 AN2718 is a benzoxaborole compound that displays broad antifungal effectiveness in vi... Immunology
T3352 XL413 XL-413 is an orally bioavailable cell division cycle 7 homolog (CDC7) kinase inhibito... Cancer
T3110 PRT 4165 PRT4165 is a potent inhibitor of PRC1-mediated H2A ubiquitylation. Others
T3654 APY29 APY29 is an allosteric modulator of IRE1α; inhibits IRE1α autophosphorylation (IC50 =... Others
T3340 SCR7 SCR7, a specific DNA Ligase IV inhibitor, blocks nonhomologous end-joining (NHEJ). Others
T3339 Sophoridine Sophoridine, a natural anticancer drug, has been used in China for decades. A series ... Cancer
T3256 MonoMethyl auristatin F Monomethyl auristatin F, an antimitotic agent, inhibits cell division by blocking the... Cancer
T2143 Bergapten Bergapten, a psoralen, inhibits cell replication. Cancer
T3091 Carmustine Carmustine is a cell-cycle phase nonspecific alkylating antineoplastic agent. Cancer
T2627 Nolatrexed dihydrochloride Nolatrexed Dihydrochloride is the dihydrochloride salt of nolatrexed, a water-soluble... Cancer
T2221 Uridine Uridine, a nucleoside, consists of uracil and D-ribose by a β-N1-glycosidic bond. Cardiovascular System
T2218 8-Azaguanine 8-Azaguanine is a purine analogue with potential antineoplastic activity. Cancer
T2201 6-Mercaptopurine monohydrate 6-Mercaptopurine anhydrous is a Nucleoside Metabolic Inhibitor. It interferes with nu... Cancer
T1840 Isoindigotin Isoindigotin is used in the therapy of Y. Cancer
T1767 BMH-21 BMH-21, a small molecule DNA intercalator, binds ribosomal DNA and inhibits RNA polym... Other
T1721 2'-Deoxyuridine 2'-Deoxyuridine. An antimetabolite that is converted to deoxyuridine triphosphate dur... Other
T1646 Famciclovir Famciclovir is a Herpes Simplex Virus Nucleoside Analog DNA Polymerase Inhibitor. The... Nervous system
T1643 Penciclovir Penciclovir is a Herpesvirus Nucleoside Analog DNA Polymerase Inhibitor. In HSV infec... Immunology
T1600 Doxifluridine Doxifluridine is a fluoropyrimidine derivative and oral prodrug of the antineoplastic... Cancer
T1591L Cytidine Cytidine is a pyrimidine nucleoside comprised of a cytosine bound to ribose via a bet... Other
T1507 Streptozocin Streptozotocin is an antibiotic that is produced by Stretomyces achromogenes. It is u... Immunology
T1488 Procarbazine hydrochloride

Procarbazine Hydrochloride is the hydrochloride salt of a methylhydrazine derivati...

T1465 Mupirocin Mupirocin is a RNA synthetase inhibitor antibacterial. It has shown excellent activit... Immunology
T1349 5-Fluorouridine 5-fluorouridine is also known as FUrd, 5-Fluorouracil 1-beta-D-ribofuranoside, 5-Fur,... Cancer
T1343L Crystal Violet Crystal violet is a triarylmethane dye that is a mixture of violet rosanilinis, with ... Immunology
T1276 Danofloxacin mesylate Danofloxacin is a synthetic antibacterial agent of the fluoroquinolone class, acts pr... Immunology
T1272 Cytarabine Cytarabine is converted to the triphosphate form within the cell and then competes wi... Cancer
T1254 Chlorophyllin Chlorophyllin sodium copper salt is a semi-synthetic mixture of water-soluble sodium ... Other