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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T5132 9-dihydro-13-acetylbaccatin III 9-Dihydro-13-acetylbaccatin III is an apoptosis inducer. It shows cytotoxicity agains... Others
T5011 Manganese chloride Manganese chloride inhibits proliferation in a dose- and time-dependent manner induce...
T4241 Rubiadin Rubiadin possesses potent antioxidant property, it can prevent lipid peroxidation ind...
T4004 Concanavalin A Concanavalin A is a plant lectin that is a T cell mitogen. It induces apoptosis in hu...
T2O2701 L(+)-Ornithine hydrochloride L-ornithine hydrochloride has an antifatigue effect by increasing the efficiency of e... Others
T3916 Ginsenoside F2 Ginsenoside F2 has antiproliferative activity against breast cancer stem cells (CSCs)... Others
T3908 10-Gingerol 10-Gingerol-induced apoptosis was accompanied by phosphorylation of the mitogen-activ... Others
T3902 Atractylenolide III Atractylenolide III may have therapeutic potential in treating homocysteine-mediated ... Others
T3796 Betulinaldehyde Betulinaldehyde has the inhibition of Saccharomyces sp and alpha-glucosidase. Betulin... Others
T3771 Methyl protodioscin

Methyl protodioscin potentially increase HDL cholesterol while reducing LDL choles...

T3488 Tectorigenin Tectorigenin is an O-methylated isoflavone. Tectorigenin Promotes Osteoblast Differen... Others
T3299 AT-406 HCl AT-406, an orally active antagonist of multiple inhibitor of apoptosis proteins(IAP),... Cancer
T2991 3,3'-Diindolylmethane DIM (3,3'-diindolylmethane), a small molecule compound, is a proposed Y preventive ag... Cancer
T2799 (20S)-Protopanaxadiol (20S)-Protopanaxadiol (20-Epiprotopanaxadiol), an apoptosis inducer, is an aglycon me... Cancer
T2733 Sarsasapogenin Sarsasapogenin is a steroidal sapogenin, that is the aglycosidic portion of a plant s... Cancer
T2065 Bioymifi Bioymifi is a novel and potent small-molecule activator of the TRAIL receptor DR5 in ... Other
T1882 Methylisoindigotin Meisoindigo is a derivative of indigo natural, might induces apoptosis and myeloid di... Cancer
T1368 Methyl protocatechuate Thermographic recording material with improved image tone. Other