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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T2319 Acotiamide hydrochloride Acotiamide Hydrochloride is the hydrochloride salt form of acotiamide, a prokinetic a... Metabolism system
T1628 Rivastigmine tartrate Rivastigmine tartrate is a carbamate-derived reversible CHOLINESTERASE INHIBITOR that... Nervous system
T1624 Neostigmine bromide Neostigmine bromide is a cholinesterase inhibitor used in the treatment of myasthenia... Nervous system
T0818 Decamethonium bromide Decamethonium Bromide is a neuromuscular blocker and nicotinic AChR partial agonist. Other
T0780 Mestinon Pyridostigmine bromide is a cholinesterase inhibitor with a slightly longer duration ... Nervous system
T0731 Delphene DEET is the most general active composition in insect repellents. Nervous system
T0338 Minaprine dihydrochloride Minaprine is a reversible inhibitor of MAO-A, used in the treatment of various depres... Nervous system
T0269 Dichlorisone Acetate Dichlorisone Acetate is a synthetic glucocorticoid corticosteroid with anti-inflammat... Nervous system
T0229 Rivastigmine Rivastigmine is a Cholinesterase Inhibitor, used for therapy of Alzheimer disease. Nervous system
T0086 Galanthamine HBr Galanthamine hydrobromide, a long-acting and centrally active AChE inhibitor (IC50:41... Nervous system