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Catalog ID Product Name Information
T5153 Apatinib mesylate Apatinib is an orally bioavailable and specific VEGFR2 inhibitor (IC50: 1 nM). In addition, this ag...
T5013 Brequinar Brequinar is a potent inhibitor of dihydroorotate dehydrogenase, with potent activities against a br...
T5017 Nimustine Hydrochloride Nimustine has been used in trials studying the treatment of Glioblastoma.
T4902 ISOQUERCITRIN Isoquercitrin is an effective antioxidant and an eosinophilic inflammation suppressor.
T5125 LY3200882 LY3200882 is a highly selective inhibitor of TGF-β receptor type 1 (TGFβRI).
T5109 Avapritinib Avapritinib is a dual inhibitor of the mutant KIT receptor (KIT D816V, IC50: 0.27 nM) and PDGFRα (PD...
T5122 Alofanib Alofanib is a selective allosteric inhibitor of FGFR2 and has a dramatic inhibitory effect on FGF2-i...
T5118 GDC-0810 GDC-0810 is a selective estrogen receptor degrader (IC50: 0.7 nM).
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