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Compound Libraries for HTS/HCS

Cat No. product name
L5610 Golden Scaffold Library 多样性好,从160万个小分子中挑选而出,10000个化合物,5000种骨架结构; 10000 compounds
L5600 Mini Scaffold Library 多样性好,从一百多万个小分子中挑选而出,5033个化合物代表5033种骨架结构; 5033 compounds
LF1000 Pre-plated Diversity Sets For your convenience, there are Diversity Sets of 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, and 20,000 compounds with no structure overlap. 50240 compounds
Golden Scaffold Library
L5610 compounds - 10000
Mini Scaffold Library
L5600 compounds - 5033
Pre-plated Diversity Sets
LF1000 compounds - 50240