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Natural Products

Cat No. Product Name Synonyms Targets
T3768 Epifriedelanol Epifriedelinol Others
Epifriedelanol (Epifriedelinol) suppresses adriamycin-induced cellular senescence, replicative senescence in human fibroblasts (HDFs) and HUVECs. Because of Epifriedelanol can reduce cellular senescence in human primary ...
T19880 Friedelinol Friedelan-3alpha-ol,Friedelan-3-ol,NSC 407041,epi-Friedelinol,Epifriedelanol
Friedelinol is a pentacyclic trierpene plant as the free acid or the aglycone for many saponins. Friedelinol can rearrange to the isomer, ursolic acid, or be oxidized to taraxasterol and amyrin.