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Sonidegib diphosphate

Catalog No. T15727   CAS 1218778-77-8
Synonyms: Erismodegib diphosphate, NVP-LDE 225 diphosphate, LDE225 diphosphate

Eri<a href="/target/Smo" style="display: inline; color: #c13a36">Smo</a>degib diphosphate is an effective and selective <a href="/target/Smo" style="display: inline; color: #c13a36">Smo</a> antagonist (IC50: 1.3 nM and 2.5 nM for mouse and human <a href="/target/Smo" style="display: inline; color: #c13a36">Smo</a> in a binding assay, respectively).

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Sonidegib diphosphate, CAS 1218778-77-8
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Biological Description
Chemical Properties
Storage & Solubility Information
Description Erismodegib diphosphate is an effective and selective Smo antagonist (IC50: 1.3 nM and 2.5 nM for mouse and human Smo in a binding assay, respectively).
Targets&IC50 hSmo:2.5 nM (IC50), mSmo:1.3 nM (IC50)
In vitro Erismodegib diphosphate, a small molecule, clinically investigated SMO inhibitor. Erismodegib diphosphate is used alone and in combination with Nilotinib, inhibits the Hh pathway in CD34+ chronic phase (CP)-chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) cells, reducing the number and self-renewal capacity of CML leukaemia stem cell (LSC). In a similar fashion to cyclopamine, Erismodegib interacts directly with SMO, to reduce the expression of downstream Hh signaling targets. The IC50 values for Erismodegib diphosphate for the major human CYP450 drug-metabolizing enzymes are greater than 10 μM. Primary CD34+ CP-CML cells are cultured in serum-free media (SFM)±Erismodegib for 6, 24, and 72 hours (h). At 72 h, while there is variability between the biological samples, GLI1 is obviously downregulated following exposure to Erismodegib (10 nM; 0.78-fold and 100 nM; 0.73-fold, respectively (p<0.01)[2].
In vivo Erismodegib diphosphate is a weak base with a measured pKa of 4.2 and exhibits relatively poor aqueous solubility. Erismodegib diphosphate demonstrates dose-related antitumor activity after 10 days of oral administration of a suspension of the diphosphate salt, in the subcutaneous Ptch+/-p53-/- medulloblastoma allograft mouse model. Bone marrow cells and spleen cells from a subset of treated mice are transplanted into secondary recipient mice. Erismodegib diphosphate (5 mg/kg/day; once daily) obviously inhibits tumor growth, corresponding to a T/C value of 33% (p<0.05 as compared to vehicle controls). Erismodegib affords 51 and 83% regression respectively when dosed at 10 and 20 mg/kg/day qd [1]. Transplantation of either bone marrow (BM) or spleen cells from mice treated with Erismodegib diphosphate+ Nilotinib results in reduced white cell count (WCC) and reduces leukaemia development in secondary recipients compared to Erismodegib or Nilotinib alone[2].
Synonyms Erismodegib diphosphate, NVP-LDE 225 diphosphate, LDE225 diphosphate
Molecular Weight 681.49
Formula C26H32F3N3O11P2
CAS No. 1218778-77-8


Powder: -20°C for 3 years

In solvent: -80°C for 2 years

Solubility Information

DMSO: 99 mg/mL(145.27 mM)

H2O: Insoluble

( < 1 mg/ml refers to the product slightly soluble or insoluble )

References and Literature

1. Pan S, et al. Discovery of NVP-LDE225, a Potent and Selective Smoothened Antagonist. ACS Med Chem Lett. 2010 Mar 16;1(3):130-4. 2. Irvine DA, et al. Deregulated hedgehog pathway signaling is inhibited by the smoothened antagonist LDE225 (Sonidegib) in chronic phase chronic myeloid leukaemia. Sci Rep. 2016 May 9;6:25476. 3. Ma W, et al. Reduced Smoothened level rescued Aβ-induced memory deficits and neuronal inflammation in animal models of Alzheimer's disease. J Genet Genomics. 2018 May 20;45(5):237-246.

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Sonidegib diphosphate 1218778-77-8 Stem Cells Smo NVP-LDE225 diphosphate Inhibitor Smoothened inhibit Erismodegib diphosphate NVP-LDE 225 diphosphate LDE225 diphosphate inhibitor