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High Solubility 3D Diversity Fragment Library

Catalog No. L7850
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The highly soluble structural diversity fragment compound library is constructed in an efficient and modular manner, so it is very suitable for solving the current situation that a large amount of synthetic investment is required to achieve multi-directional fragment growth. The structurally diverse fragments are designed to contain suitable synthetic reactive groups for future fragment growth. The library of highly soluble 3D structural diversity fragments contains 1081 compounds.

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Product Description

Traditional drug research and development are mainly based on natural active products or screening new drugs from existing compound data, but this method is highly random, blind, and inefficient. Medicinal chemists subsequently developed high-throughput screening (HTS) methods for drug discovery. Many pharmaceutical companies have also established compound libraries containing millions of small molecules and discovered many drug candidates. However, in drug screening with complex targets, HTS has been repeatedly frustrated. It is difficult to screen high-potential compounds, or the screened compounds have high false positives and poor drug-like properties. In this context, Fragment-based drug design (FBDD) came into being. Organic synthesis can transform miniature hits into effective lead compounds. The deficiencies in the current screening of compound libraries usually result in the need for a large amount of synthetic investment to achieve multi-directional fragment growth, which limits the efficiency of the mini-fragment hit modification process. To meet this challenge, we designed a library of highly soluble 3D structural diversity fragments. The utility of X-ray-based fragment screening and the ability to achieve rapid analog synthesis:

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Packaging And Storage

  • Powder or pre-dissolved DMSO solutions in 96/384 well plate with optional 2D barcode
  • Shipped with blue ice
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Library Composition

Endogenous Metabolite (18)
Antibacterial (5)
Drug Metabolite (2)
AChR (2)
AChE (1)
iGluR (1)
Sodium Channel (1)
Reactive Oxygen Species (1)
PPAR (1)
MRP (1)
Monoamine Oxidase (1)
MMP (1)
MAO (1)
Influenza Virus (1)
Free radical scavengers (1)
HIV Protease (1)
HCV Protease (1)
DPP-4 (1)
Autophagy (1)
ATP Citrate Lyase (1)
Apoptosis (1)
Antioxidant (1)
Anti-infection (1)
Antibiotic (1)
Acyltransferase (1)
Virus Protease (1)

Library Information Sample

Empty 1000025-07-9 1000413-72-8 229005-80-5 1000787-75-6 946387-07-1 1000998-59-3 1175526-27-8 1001288-58-9 1001350-96-4 1001404-83-6 Empty
Vadadustat TAK875 TAK-779 Tegobuvir RN-1734 BMS-687453 AM211 FT011 BMS754807 AAI101
Empty 1001625-82-6 1001645-58-4 1001753-24-7 1001908-89-9 1002304-34-8 1002-84-2 100291-86-9 100299-08-9 10030-52-1 10040-45-6 Empty
RPW-24 SRT1720 hydrochloride INH6 SRT 2183 AMG208 Pentadecanoic acid Apiopaeonoside Pemirolast potassium L-Anserine nitrate salt Sodium Picosulfate
Empty 100427-26-7 1004316-88-4 10045-45-1 100462-37-1 1004990-28-6 100-51-6 1005-24-9 1005264-47-0 1005334-57-5 1005342-46-0 Empty
Lercanidipine Cobicistat 1-Ethyl-2-benzimidazolinone ROSIRIDIN PF-AKT400 Benzyl alcohol 1-Methylnicotinamide chloride MX69 CVT-10216 LCL161
Empty 1005491-05-3 100-55-0 1005504-62-0 1005883-72-6 100643-71-8 1007207-67-1 10075-50-0 1007647-73-5 100784-20-1 10083-24-6 Empty
Tirasemtiv Roniacol Rg3039 Z433927330 Desloratadine CH5132799 5-Bromoindole Smurf1-IN-A01 Halosulfuron-methyl Piceatannol
Empty 100872-83-1 100874-08-6 1009119-64-5 1009119-65-6 100929-71-3 1009298-09-2 1009298-59-2 100929-99-5 1009734-33-1 10097-84-4 Empty
ML346 SB 4 Daclatasvir Daclatasvir dihydrochloride NADPH (tetracyclohexanamine) AZD8055 Vistusertib PAβN dihydrochloride HZ1157 Rotundine
Empty 1009816-48-1 1009817-63-3 1009820-21-6 100986-85-4 101001-34-7 1010411-21-8 1010-60-2 1011244-68-0 1011301-27-1 1011529-10-4 Empty
Thiamet G B-AP15 Silmitasertib Levofloxacin Pamicogrel GSK369796 Dihydrochloride 2-Chloronaphthoquinone TFAP Tenovin3 Azvudine
Empty 101152-94-7 101155-02-6 1011557-82-6 1011-74-1 101-20-2 1012054-59-9 101-21-3 101-26-8 101303-98-4 1013101-36-4 Empty
Milnacipran hydrochloride BW-A78U Tenovin-6 DL-Normetanephrine hydrochloride Triclocarban CUDC101 Chlorpropham Mestinon Zacopride hydrochloride PF04691502
Empty 101-31-5 1013-69-0 1013750-77-0 1013753-99-5 10138-52-0 1013920-15-4 1013937-63-7 1014691-61-2 101477-54-7 101494-95-5 Empty
L-Hyoscyamine Noreugenin ML-030 BC-1382 Gadolinium chloride Vorolanib VTP-27999 TFA GSK0660 Lomerizine hydrochloride 8-CHLOROQUINAZOLIN-4(1H)-ONE