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Calcium Antagonists Library

Catalog No. L7200

A calcium channel is an ion channel(plasma membrane protein) which shows selective permeability to calcium ions. Calcium channels constitute a large family of voltage- and ligand-operated ion channels. Calcium channels are ubiquitous, they can be found in almost any type of excitable (e.g., muscle, glial cells, neurons, etc.) and most unexcitable cells in a wide variety of species. Functions mediated by calcium channels include contraction of muscle, release of neurotransmitters and hormones by neurons and neuroendocrine cells, and control of gene transcription. They are targets for modulation by many intracellular signaling pathways including G proteins and phosphorylation. Calcium channels play pivotal roles in many human diseases, particularly of the cardiac and nervous systems, including pain, seizure, hypertension and migraine. Pharmacological blockers for some types of calcium channels are known, including clinically used drugs for hypertension and pain. In some cases such calcium channel blockers are highly selective for specific types of calcium channels, but there is great potential for developing more selective and more potent drugs targeting calcium channels.

TargetMol’s Calcium Channel Library collects the reported calcium channel blockers and agonists, and is an ideal tool for screening more selective and potent drugs targeting calcium channels.

Pack Size Price
100 μL * 10 mM (in DMSO) USD 1056.00
250 μL * 10 mM (in DMSO) USD 1776.00
1 mg USD 1776.00

Product Description

  • A unique collection of 48 calcium channel blockers and agonists for high throughput and high content screening;
  • Targeting different subtypes of calcium channels, such as L-type, T-type, N-type, and receptor-operated calcium channels.
  • Bioactivity and safety confirmed by pre-clinical research and clinical trials, some of which are FDA approved;
  • Detailed compound information with structure, target, activity, IC50 value, and biological activity description;
  • Structurally diverse, medicinally active, and cell permeable;
  • NMR and HPLC validated to ensure high purity and quality;

The compound library can be highly customized. You can select compounds, quantities, format (dry/solid or DMSO), plate map, and concentration to meet your specific requirement. Please check our Compound Library Instructions for more information.

Packaging and Storage

  • Powder or pre-dissolved DMSO solutions in 96 well plate with optional 2D barcode
  • Shipped with dry ice.

Library Composition

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