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PPI Inhibitors Library

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Protein-protein interaction (PPI) inhibitors represent a vast class of therapeutic targets both intracellularly and extracellularly for a broad range of diseases, for instance cancer and HIV. The human interactome has been estimated to cover ~400,000 protein–protein interactions, making PPIs central to many biological processes, including enzymatic activity, assembly of protein complexes and subcellular localisation. However, PPIs are considered difficult to target. As a part of disease biological processes are often dysregulated, therefore PPIs have become an attractive target for therapy.

TargetMol’s PPI Inhibitors Library, a focused collection of 143 PPI-related compounds, can be used for research on protein-protein interaction.

Pack Size Price/USD
100 μL * 10 mM (in DMSO) 2580.00
250 μL * 10 mM (in DMSO) 4290.00
1 mg 4290.00
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Product Description

  • A unique collection of 143 PPI-related compounds for drug screening;
  • Targets include PD-1/PD-L1, Bcl-2, BET bromodomain, BRD4 bromodomain, etc.
  • Detailed compound information with structure, target, and biological activity description;
  • NMR and HPLC validated to ensure high purity and quality.

Library Customization

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Packaging And Storage

  • Powder or pre-dissolved DMSO solutions in 96 well plate with optional 2D barcode
  • Shipped with blue ice
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