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Autophagy Compound Library

Catalog No. L3200

Autophagy is the natural, regulated mechanism of the cell that disassembles unnecessary or dysfunctional components. Targeted damaged cytoplasmic constituents are isolated from the rest of the cell within a double-membraned vesicle known as an autophagosome. The autophagosome eventually fuses with lysosomes and the contents are degraded and recycled. Autophagy, cellular senescence, and apoptosis are three key responses of a cell facing a stress, correlating with each other. It has been reported that defects of autophagy are associated with genomic damage, metabolic stress, and tumorigenesis. The Autophagy Compound library by TargetMol contains 623 compounds with defined autophagy-inducing or -inhibitory activity, and is a useful tool for studying the roles of pro- and anti-autophagic molecules in cells as well as for use in in-vitro applications.

Pack Size Price
100 μL * 10 mM (in DMSO) USD 5584.00
250 μL * 10 mM (in DMSO) USD 9876.00
1 mg USD 9876.00

Product Description

  • A unique collection of 623 compounds with defined autophagy-inducing or -inhibitory activity for research in autophagy, high throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS) for new drugs;
  • Bioactivity and safety confirmed by pre-clinical research and clinical trials;
  • Targets include Autophagy inducers, Autophagy inhibitors, Proteasome, HIF, HDAC, Aurora Kinase, E3 Ligase, mTOR, etc;
  • Detailed compound information with structure, target, activity, IC50 value, and biological activity description;
  • Structurally diverse, medicinally active, and cell permeable;
  • NMR and HPLC validated to ensure high purity and quality;

The compound library can be highly customized. You can select compounds, quantities, format (dry/solid or DMSO), plate map, and concentration to meet your specific requirement. Please check our Compound Library Instructions for more information.

Packaging and Storage

  • Powder or pre-dissolved DMSO solutions in 96 well plate with optional 2D barcode
  • Shipped with dry ice.

Library Composition

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